There is a ticket in Pendik

There is a ticket in Pendik, everywhere in Izmit is full: A family from Izmit wanted to go to Ankara with the 'High Speed ​​Train' in the first days of the new year.
They acted 3-4 days before to buy train tickets. When they entered the internet, they saw that there was no room for one person from Izmit to Ankara. However, on the day and time they wanted to go to Ankara, many places on the train seemed empty at Pendik station. They went to Izmit Station. Again, there was no place for Ankara on the date they wanted. If they did not get to Pendik, they could buy tickets from there.
Before the opening of the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train, we were excited that this was going to happen. There is no sales order on YHT ticket. Although many seats are empty, you cannot buy tickets from Izmit. It is necessary to eliminate the injustice.



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