Anniversary of the Actions Against the Closure of Kardemir

In order to prevent the closure of Karabük Iron and Steel Factories, the activities of stopping the life of 8 on November 1994 and stopping the children from going to school for four hours, stopping the shutters, stopping the transportation and stopping the transportation were mentioned once again with the activities organized by Çelik İş Union.

The events organized for the 8rd anniversary of the November 23 protests started in front of Kardemir. Kardemir employees, who gathered at the entrance of the factory in their work clothes, walked from here to the Atatürk Monument in company with the Karabük Band. Following the march, a moment of silence and the reading of the Turkish National Anthem, with the participation of Yunus Değirmenci, President of Çelik İş Union, Headquarters Managers and Heads of the Union Branch, as well as directors of political parties and non-governmental organizations, Yunus Degirmenci, President of Çelik İş Union, presented a wreath to Atatürk Monument. it ended.

8 November Memorial events were then continued at the Kardemir Education and Culture Center. Ercüment Ünal, the General Manager of our Company, and Hasan Sarıçiçek, our Financial Affairs Coordinator, and the administrative staff of our company, Yunus Değirmenci, Head of Steel Work Union, and Headquarters Managers, Trade Union Branch Chairmen and Board Members, union workplace representatives, Altınöz, CHP Provincial President Erdoğan Dinçel, MHP Central District President Abdurrahman Meşe, MHP Safranbolu District President Celal Tokatlı, Former President of Karabük Municipality Enver Tümen, President of the Association of Rollers Nazım Çapraz, President and managers of various non-governmental organizations, employees of Kardemir, pensioners and invited.

The commemoration program, which started with a moment of silence and the Turkish National Anthem, continued with the standing ovation of the poem "Kurban Karabük" by Zeynep Aydın, daughter of Çelik İş Union representative, who won the poetry contest organized by the Directorate of National Education.

The Sinevizyon show, which also depicts the strong structure of Kardemir after the privatization, and the actions taken on 5 November with the announcement of the decisions dated April 1994, 8, including the closure of the Karabük Iron and Steel Factories, and the struggles afterwards, received great appreciation from the participants.

Our Company's General Manager Ercüment Ünal, who came to the podium after the cinevision show, said in his short greeting speech that Kardemir is a legacy left to all Karabük residents, especially the employees. Unal said “We are the custodians of this heritage” and stated that Kardemir is of great importance not only for Karabük, but also for Zonguldak, where coking coal is produced, and TCDD, where approximately 25% of its carrying capacity is realized, especially for our local miners producing four-year-olds of our country. Ünal said, “On November 8, Karabük was born again, but thousands of families living in mining in cities such as Sivas, Malatya, Diyarbakır, Bingöl, Kayseri, Balıkesir and Zonguldak earn their income from our production. The railroad rail, which had to be imported with very high prices and tonnages before us, is now produced by our company and TCDD can meet its needs at half price and with small tonnages.

Saying that they have to work hard every day by feeling the 8th of November in order to keep Kardemir alive, Ercüment Ünal said, “We have a very valuable legacy on us. We must appreciate this. We have to hand over this heritage to future generations more strongly ”.

Çelik İş Union Chairman Yunus Değirmenci, in his speech at the memorial program, noted that the date of 8 November 1994 was of great importance for Karabük and Kardemir, saying, “23 years ago, the people of Karabük, politicians, tradesmen and non-governmental organizations wrote an epic together to prevent the closure of Kardemir. . We continue to protect this history. Karabük is our world, we will be in all the events in Karabük. In order not to close this place, an epic history was written here under the leadership of our legendary leader Metin Türker at that time. This kind of work will continue to keep this history alive and to pass it on to the next generations. Kardemir is where Çelik İş Union was born and gave us life. We were thrilled with Turkey's trade unions and Kardemir Karabük we received, "he said.

Following the opening speeches, a panel on "Commemoration and Understanding of November 23 in its 8rd Year" was held.

Moderated by BRTV General Manager Zafer Acar Taner Canyurt, Çelik Is Union Former General Education Secretary Ruhi Ayhan, President of Pensioners Association Celal Bulut, Mayor Enver Tümen, BRTV Chairman Mehmet Çetinkaya, Tradesmen and Artisans Credit Co-operative President Atilla Aygün, Karabük Iron and Steel Factory Deputy General Manager Ersin Öztürk, President of the Association of Haddeciler Nazım Çapraz and Republican People's Party Provincial President Erdoğan Dinçel participated as speakers.

In their speeches, the panelists shared with the participants what happened on November 8, important developments that have sunk into oblivion, the political atmosphere, the state of the people, the unity and solidarity experienced by the people of Karabük.

The panel was then given a plaque to all participants.

Commemoration events were held in various competitions and the winners were awarded with prizes and taking pictures.

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