63 Sanliurfa

Reaction to the cable car project in Şanlıurfa

Reactions to the cable car project to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality in Şanlıurfa continues. In Şanlıurfa, NGO representatives, columnists and citizens are opposed to the project for justified reasons. During the period of Karaköprü Municipality, among the projects of Nihat Çiftçi, Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Tram hit old man in Samsun

In the incident that took place at Cumhuriyet Square Station in Samsun's İlkadım district at 11.00:68, 68-year-old MK Tekkeköy-Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) could not notice the tram and jumped on the road. The tram, which moved by taking the passengers, hit the old man. XNUMX in accident [more…]


Ukrainian Ambassador Visited Kardemir

Ukraine's Embassy in Ankara and Eurasian Studies Center (Avian) 's support to the Karabük University who hosted "Turkey-Ukraine diplomatic relations on 25th Anniversary Symposium" from Karabük to participate in the Ukraine? S Ambassador Andrii Sybıh and his delegation Kardemir' ide visited. [more…]

16 Bursa

Fish hoard in Bursa revolted by bus ride!

The problems experienced in public transportation in Bursa are growing exponentially. Citizens, who have to travel on fish hoarders due to insufficient planning and investments not only in the metro line but also in buses, are rebelling. Traffic in Bursa is a little more difficult with each passing day [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. The airport collected rewards before it opened

Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan made statements about the new airport. Istanbul's new airport, which is under construction, became the address of the awards even before it opened. Stating that he received the awards before it was opened, the Minister was the first international with the flight control tower. [more…]

16 Bursa

İMO Bursa: "Evaluated the Problems in Transportation"

Participating in the Bursa Urban Transportation Symposium organized by the TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board and making a presentation on behalf of İMO Bursa Branch, İMO Bursa Branch Transportation Commission Vice President Mehmet Tözün Bingöl, Transportation Commission Member Cengiz Duman, [more…]

35 Izmir

Solar panels are multiplying, Izmir wins

After the Menderes Treatment and ESHOT workshops, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has transformed the roofs of the sports hall and parking areas in the park into an energy facility to meet the electricity needs of Ekrem Akurgal Yaşam Park. Three months with installed solar panels [more…]

974 Qatar

Minister Arslan met with Qatar Prime Minister Al Sani

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan met with Qatar Prime Minister Abdullah Al Sani. Minister Arslan held a closed-to-press meeting with Al Sani at the Prime Ministry building in the capital Doha. Political and economic relations between the two countries at the meeting [more…]


RayHaber 06.11.2017 Tender Bulletin

Food Service Will Be Taken (TÜLOMSAŞ) Similar News:RayHaber 02.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 03.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 04.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 05.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 11.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 13.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 16.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 23.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 06.01.2017 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 09.01.2017 Tender [more…]

Izmir Narlidere Metro Works
35 Izmir

Narlıdere Subway Credit Fact

The last two of the 15 passenger ships brought by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the sea transportation was put into service. Speaking at the ceremony, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu said, X The central government building operated transfer model with the airport, Istanbul highway, the North Ring Road and divided [more…]

Intercity Railways

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Train Arrived in Mersin 10 Hours Ago

The first train of the "Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Line" reached Mersin, where it will unload its load. The train was welcomed by TCDD Tasimacilik AS General Manager Veysi Kurt. The arrival of the train with a load of 600 tons to Mersin 10 hours earlier than the expected arrival time is a big [more…]

34 Istanbul

CHP, Istanbul's Metrobus for the action has taken action

For the metrobus, which has become the ordeal of the Istanbulites and increasingly endangers the safety of life and property, CHP asked for an investigation commission to be established. In the motion given by the CHP to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the development of alternative transportation models that will relieve the traffic of Istanbul, [more…]

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