Re-evaluation of baby carriages

In Manisa, public transportation on the perception of trying to create public transport point baby carriages on the perception of the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) came. Re-discussion of the issue, emphasizing that regulation is related to access of disabled citizens [more…]

16 Bursa

President Aktaş listens on the subway

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş started his daily shift on the subway. Mayor Aktaş, who took the metro from Kestel station for the detection of problems in public transportation, chatted with the citizens and received information about the problems they had. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Denizli OIZ to TCDD

A loading-unloading station within the adjacent area to reduce the transportation costs of the industrial establishments located in the Organized Industrial Zone and its immediate vicinity, to the minimum level in both domestic and import-export and transit transports. [more…]

Commuter Trains

Kocaeli Governors Want Adapazarı Express

The staff working at the Governorship of Kocaeli, Adapazarı Express re-start, the suburban flights to the 42 Houses stop wants to be added Kocaeli Governorship for many years in the city center has served Izmit. Governorate a few years ago [more…]


RayHaber 09.11.2017 Tender Bulletin

DE 24000 type locomotives will have microprocessor relay system Slotted Nut will be purchased Generator Installation Will be done Consultancy and Supervision Consultancy Service Will be taken Fire service service (TÜVASAS) Rail will be purchased National Electric [more…]