Good News of Discounts in Transportation to Bursa

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, municipal bureaucrats and company general managers, met with BUSKI managers. Municipality for the first time in the history of the meeting bureaucrats money, staff and project management received 'Emergency Action Plan' decisions conveying the President Aktas, especially in transportation on many issues to make the implementation of measures to make more livable Bursa gave instructions. Stating that their only concern is Bursa and that the municipality is in an economically troubled situation for people to live more comfortably, they will enforce all the conditions, Mayor Aktaş said that they are considering making a regulation on water and transportation which is the most vital rights of the citizens by following a serious monetary policy.

The meeting took place in the parliament building on Ankara Road; Head of department, branch manager, general manager, deputy general manager and similar positions in the metropolitan and BUSKI departments participated in the 160 executive.

All question marks will be fixed
Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, said in a statement after the meeting, said they went through a special period. Mayor Aktaş stated that they have formed an Eylem Emergency Action Plan dair regarding the management of Bursa and informed the executives about the decisions taken. In order to make the city more livable especially for transportation, we need to be comfortable at the financing point. Today, we have notified our friends about the important decisions we have taken regarding the use of finance and the management of money. Hopefully, we will explain the decisions we have taken and the work we will take recently to the public. I hope; our people and our citizens living in Bursa will see that all the issues that create a question mark in their minds are solved one by one. ”

3P policy
President Aktas, said in a statement, money, staff and project management by establishing the right relationship between the Bursalılarla will then put their signature on the work said. Mayor Aktaş emphasized that the municipality is defined by '3 P' and that these statements, which are known as money management, personnel management and project management, are in close relationship with each other. “The projects are followed by the personnel. All this is financed by money. If you do not correctly establish the relationship between these three, healthy results do not occur. I hope that when the briefings are completed, the measures we will take and the works we will carry out will be fully revealed and we will share this with the public in detail. From here I announce that we will sign the works of our citizens from Bursa and make their lives easier ”.

Regulation on water and transport prices
President Aktas, in a statement, transport and water costs will bring a regulation by the end of this month heralded. Mayor Aktaş stated that there is an expectation regarding these issues in public and that the public is in troubles about transportation and water prices. Ulaşım Our priority is transportation and I can say this clearly. Bursa has been talking about this for years and there is a problem here. What we can do about transportation, we plan it. There are expectations in the public about the cost of public transportation and water fees. As you appreciate, these problems should be solved within the budget. I hope we will eliminate the question marks in the heads of the meeting at the end of the month, ”he said.

Our only concern is Bursa
President Aktaş, while performing the services of the single troubles, the excitement of Bursa said. Mayor Aktaş said that they would take all the necessary measures to make the city more livable and productive. We want Green Bursa associated with the name. In all other areas, social, cultural, infrastructure, superstructure investments together with the 17 district, we imagine a city in unity and integrity. Because the city we're talking to is not an ordinary city. Our responsibility is great. We are trying to frame this. Land

Mayor Aktas continued to receive briefing from Metropolitan Municipality and affiliated companies, adding that they will announce an emergency action plan at the end of presentations.

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