Altepe: No increase in scholarship

There is no raise for Bursaray: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that the rumors that Bursaray wages have been raised in recent days are unfounded. Stating that they carry passengers from Kestel to Görükle for 31 kilometers or even 2.25 TL, President Altepe said, “This fee drops to 1.90 TL when you get off at intermediate stations. Since only disposable electromagnetic cards are prepared abroad, their costs are high. In order to use these cards again, a deposit is applied. "Citizens can get their money back," he said.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe clarified the allegations that great hikes were made to Bursaray, where a total of 38,5 kilometers, including Görükle, Kestel and Emek, and an average of 240 thousand passengers per day. Stating that there is no increase in Bursaray fees, Mayor Altepe emphasized that the allegations are only gossip. Stating that the deposit application has started for only single-use electromagnetic cards, President Altepe said, “The cost of a single-use electronic magnetic ticket is high because it is prepared abroad. We sell this magnetic ticket, which is used for once, with deposit. Our citizens get their money back by returning the ticket. Thus, we can sell the ticket to other passengers. In this way, there is no economic loss. This usage style accounts for 2 percent of our normal customers. Especially those coming from outside of the city and from the terminal use it. Apart from that, there is no problem with our fellow countrymen who use these cards ”.
The most reasonable price claim in transportation
Stating that the most affordable transportation price in Bursa is in the rail system, President Altepe said, “The transportation from one end of Bursa to the other, from Kestel to Görükle by a 31-kilometer rail system is 2.25 TL. This is really the most affordable price. When you land at intermediate stations, it drops to 1.90 liras. In this regard, we strive to provide the best quality service at the cheapest price. There is no raise in this regard. In addition, if those who use feed lines to reach the rail system and get on other vehicles for transfer get on the rail system, the feed line charges are deducted. In other words, they do not pay an additional fee of 2.25 lira. We know all the facilities we can recognize to our people. We prefer all our fellow citizens to use public transportation, especially the rail system. "Bursaray is peaceful and safe both in terms of not getting stuck in traffic, wasting time and being economical."
The statement of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe brought to mind the Bukart filling booths, which were closed.
BURULAŞ, which increased the transportation fees after a raise in Bursa, also closed the card filling booths.
Bursalılar, transactions from kiosks (auto sales points) or BursaKart dealers can do.
However, citizens react to the new application.
Because kiosks don't give citizens money. If you want to load 5 lira but you have 50 lira, you have to upload your full money to BursaKart.
Especially older citizens have difficulty in loading from automatic devices. This situation sometimes leads to controversy.
Citizens are also forced to buy round-trip tickets from automated sales points. Because the disposable card cannot be found! BursaKart refill 10 pounds can be given to devices that do not give the money and 6 pounds can be purchased as a return ticket. The device gives the 4 pounds.
Citizens who can travel to 3 liras for the first time have to pay 6 liras even if they do not need a return ticket. BursaKart cash dispensers do not give money on the use of two-time card purchases are remarkable. In addition, only the loading of 10 pounds could cause reactions on social media.
BursaRay, fish transport transportation, constantly increasing wages and poor quality wagons are constantly causing criticism.
In Bursa, the public transportation company BURULAŞ started a deposit application for tickets. With the application that confuses passengers, long line tickets are sold for 5 lira and short line tickets for 4 lira. This application drew the reaction of the citizens. In the announcement made on the website of BURULAŞ, “As of Monday, 20.06.2016; short tickets will be sold for 4 TL (3 TL ticket + 1 TL deposit), the whole ticket will be sold for 5 TL (4 TL ticket + 1 TL deposit). If the tickets that are usable (not ripped, unfolded, in one piece) after the journey are delivered to Burs Board dealers, a deposit of 1 TL will be refunded to you. " gave his statements.

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