Acemler Intersection Ring Road Connection is expanded in Bursa

the novices are clearing up their jumps
the novices are clearing up their jumps

In order to reduce the load of the Acemler Junction, where the average daily vehicle pass in Bursa is even more than the Istanbul 15 July Martyrs Bridge, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the traffic link of the Mudanya Junction İzmir road, and now 3 lanes to the ring road of the Acemler Junction. he adds more. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the strip expansion works carried out at the Acemler Junction, said that when the arrangements are completed, the junction will not be a problem and will have a regular traffic flow.

Continuing works such as road expansion and new roads, promoting public transportation, optimization of rail system signaling in order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality has initiated another study that will reduce the burden of Acemler, one of the nodes of the city traffic. The Mudanya Junction turn arm, which was built to connect the vehicles coming from Orhaneli Junction, Dikkaldırım and Hüdavendigar neighborhoods, Academic Rooms Campus and the shopping malls in the region to İzmir road without using the Acemler Junction, was opened to traffic approximately 3 months ago. Thus, the Metropolitan Municipality, which reduced the traffic load to the Acemler Junction a little, now produces a solution to the vehicle problem that creates long queues for connection to the ring road. Within the scope of the study, the one-lane turn arm used by the vehicles coming from Izmir direction and returning to the Acemler Junction for connection to the ring road is increased to 3 lanes. Traffic flow will be carried out at the junction arm exit and traffic flow will be provided and the traffic storage area will be built in the junction arm. Thus, the density of the vehicles that will turn to the ring road will be eliminated.

Breathing to novices

Reminding that the daily average density of the Martyrs Bridge on July 15 is around 180 thousand vehicles, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the number of vehicles using the Acemler Junction exceeded 210 thousand and they implemented different practices to prevent this density. Reminding that the return topic added to the Mudanya Junction previously reduced some density, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have mentioned the steering arm application related to novices before. As a result of our research, we have seen that we can handle this job with less cost. We shouldn't think about this place alone. As well as novices, the completion of Ata Boulevard is also important as the Courthouse Junction and the Near East turn arms. These are interconnected studies. In this sense, we have determined a process that will ease Acemler. One of these is the process of increasing the lane in the North East axis turn loop of the Acemler Junction, which is the first of the 6-stage plan, from 1 to 3. Metropolitan, BUSKİ and UEDAŞ teams work simultaneously. Some traffic slows down, but we can easily say that. Hopefully, when the work is completed, we will experience an environment where the Novices are not suffering. ”

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