First-hand solution to the transportation problems of Basaksehir

IETT officials met with the headmen of Basaksehir. IETT officials met with Başakşehir district headmen and Başakşehir Municipality. Vice President Muammer Çınar, İETT Transportation Planning Department Head İhsan Eroğlu, IETT Legal Counsel Süleyman Bayer and district muhtars attended the meeting. IETT Transportation Planning Department Head İhsan Eroğlu stated that they made continuous improvements to Başakşehir and said, da 6, which operates in Istanbul is near to a thousand 400, so 10 is working for Başakşehir. İ

Mr. Muammer Çınar, who hosted IETT officials at the meeting held in the Başakşehir Service building, stated that the purpose of the meeting was to review the issues related to the transportation of the district, and said amm Let's listen to the problems about transportation in our district from the mouth of our neighborhood headmen and let us hear the developments about the subject from the expert. I believe that this meeting will assume a guiding mission for us. Bu


İhsan Eroğlu, Head of Transportation Planning Department of IETT said that they want to listen to the demands of our citizens on the spot and they want to produce a common solution to the problems. Ist We are trying to meet the bus needs in Başakşehir on the spot and to meet our possibilities. We are constantly improving Başakşehir. The increase rate of population in Başakşehir is above the Istanbul average, so there may be shortcomings and deficiencies in bus services. A total of 45 bus lines are coming from the district and the number of lines passing through the district is 13. In total, the number of lines serving the district is close to the 60s. The number of buses leaving the district is 319. 62 is working in Istanbul, the 6 of the bus is close to a thousand, so 400 is working for Başakşehir''he said.

Participant in the program Altinsehir District Headman Seyfettin Balçin, Başakşehir District Headman F. Mehmet Yildirim, Bahcesehir 1. The head of the section Sakine Turhan, Ziya Gökalp District Headman İhsan Koluş and Şamlar District Headman Rafet voiced the directions and demands about the bus services in Keskin.

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