Old buses are being pulled off the line in Bursa

In Bursa, the old buses are withdrawn: In accordance with the Public Transport Regulation, after the extension of the additional time given to the Special Chamber of Public Bus Service for the renewal of the buses over the age of 10, Burulaş withdrew three non-renewed buses operating at the service cost. Instead of renewed buses, Burulaş bus services are provided.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which produces radical solutions to the transportation issue with the new roads, bridges and intersections and rail system investments in Bursa, on the other hand, tries to raise the quality bar in the vehicles that provide service to the public. Buses belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality are renewed periodically and the average age is taken under 2 and the process for the renewal of private public buses, which are the subject of complaints of the citizens, continues.
'Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Taxi Dolmuş Minibus Service Vehicles and Special Public Transport Regulations'; In case the vehicles which are not in compliance with the specified age limit as of the model age in the traffic registration certificate are not made suitable within two months following the notification to be made, it is foreseen that the issue should be transferred to the committee and the decision of the council will be applied. Burulaş started a study on vehicles over the age of 10 regulation. According to the regulation, in the protocol for the renewal of the vehicles that have already expired, the Chamber of Private Public Busers 31 pledged to change the vehicles until December 2015. Even though 31 January 2016 has been given an additional period up to one month, the number of 355 buses has been renewed.
When the Special Chamber of Bus Buses did not evaluate this additional period, the last warnings were made that they had to hand over the exact agreements they made with the bus manufacturer companies or they had to give a commitment from the notary public, otherwise the public transport rights would have to be canceled.
In the study conducted by Burulaş officials, a sufficient number of vehicles were found in dealer stocks, while all chamber members were informed by a short message. According to the decision made by Burulaş, according to the decision given for the additional period, three of the unsuitable private public buses were withdrawn from the line and the Burulaş bus was started to be serviced. Description; renewed people will continue to work with the bourbon, the non-renewed Burulaş bus substitutes will not be given the opportunity to interrupt service.

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