Fire and Accident Warning to the passengers on the bus from Denizli Fire Department

fire and accident warning to passengers on the bus from the marine fire department
fire and accident warning to passengers on the bus from the marine fire department

Denizli Municipality Fire crews, an application will be an example to Turkey with about bus accidents and fires experienced recently launched for the first time. Metropolitan Fire Department, stopped at the police checkpoints by doing information work on passenger buses, told citizens what should be done in case of possible fire and accident.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Department recently signed a different study on passenger bus fire and accidents. Denizli is the first study in Turkey Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams, he made the disclosure Denizli- discontinued operation in a passenger bus at a police checkpoint in Antalya highway. Police checkpoints stopped passenger buses, explaining what needs to be done in the event of possible fire and accident to the citizens of the Metropolitan Fire Department, in the face of possible negativity, primarily asked the passengers to remain calm. Providing information about the use of emergency exits in buses, the fire brigade told us how to break the glass of the bus using an emergency emergency hammer. Firefighters in front of the surprised crew saw the information, so thanked the Metropolitan Fire Department.

Applications will continue

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Head of Fire Department Murat Başlı, recently drew attention to the passenger bus fire and accidents. Başlı stated that they watched with sadness that injuries and casualties occurred in these negative events. In this context, we tell our passengers how to evacuate the bus in case of emergency, how to use emergency emergency tow truck, how to open the front and middle doors of the bus in case of emergency, and how to use fire extinguishing vehicles. We also distribute educational brochures. ” The application made to the police and fire Headed noted that cooperation is a first in Turkey, "Our practice in this respect widespread urban and intercity roads will continue," he said.

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