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railway omsan
railway omsan

Under the auspices of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Mr. Ahmet Arslan, the protocol concerning the leasing of railway and wagon in cooperation with TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ and OMSAN. signed.

In addition, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the UDH, Suat Hayri Aka, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın, TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager Veysi Kurt, TCDD Transport Inc. Deputy General Manager Çetin Altun, and members of the press attended.

Adet 15 pieces of electric locomotives 350 pieces wagons were rented from TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ “

UDH Minister Arslan, evaluating the protocol signed by General Director of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ and Mehmet Hakan Keskin, General Manager of OMSAN Lojistik A.Ş. TCDD General Directorate stated that the railway infrastructure operator, TCDD Tasimacilik AS was defined as a railway train operator and 6461 started its activities since January 01. In OMSAN Lojistik AS became the first private railway train operator in the country as a result of its application to the General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Affairs. The company rented 2017 pieces electric locomotives and 15 pieces iron ore wagons to be used in the ore transports at Demirdağ-İskenderun course from TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ. Şirket

”We have considered railway transportation as a state policy“

While providing better quality freight and passenger transportation services in the sector, TCDD Transportation Inc. emphasized that railroad sector contributed to the development of public and private sector cooperation as it is witnessed today, and said the following about the criticism of the liberalization process in the railway. I Our governments had a sector that had been forgotten for half a century. In order for this sector to be open to liberalization, many measures and infrastructure should be allocated. 1951-2004 made 18 mile railway total, including the average 945 mileage per year. Consider only 18 kilometers per year ında There is no such as Gölbaşı al We have taken the rail transportation as state policy again and we realized the most intensive working period in the railways. As of today 1.213 by making 6 km high speed train line in Europe. 8 of the Earth. We became a high-speed train operator. We increased the Railway Network from 10.959 to 12.532 kilometers. We increased the signal length from 2.449 to 5.462. We have extended the length of our Electric Line from 2.122 to 4.350 kilometers. 10 over a thousand kilometers, we have renewed the railway line. We opened Marmaray. We completed the Baku-Tbilisi -Kars railway project, we started the trial voyages. "

Sey On the rail the pointer is constantly looking up “

Arslan emphasized that 223,4 million passengers have been transported in the 35,1 and YHT so far in Marmaray. As you can see, the rail is constantly pointing upwards. We will continue this course. 2016 89 years until 2017 thousand kilometers, including high-speed, fast and 9 61,7 thousand kilometers 2023 3 thousand kilometers of railways, including mileage out of conventional railway hedefindeyiz. Within the framework of this target; 500 bin 8 is still under construction. 500 thousand 1.000 km high-speed and high-speed rail line is continuing the study-project preparation work. In 13, we aim to reach a total of 3 thousand kilometer rail length in total. X

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Line 30 Opens in October

The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which has been in progress for approximately 2.5 months, will be inaugurated at the 30 in Baku with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the representatives of the President of Azerbaijan and Georgia. . Afterwards, where they want to take the cargo, let them down to the Mediterranean or send it to Europe at the most western end of our country without interruption. Sonr

We aim for stronger railway with Public Private Sector Cooperation

While the railway infrastructure quality is being improved by the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Rail and General Directorate of Railways, TCDD Transport Inc. will carry out transportation with private sector approach and private sector will continue to increase in this sector. He said:: We work for the establishment of a railway market where liberalization is completed with fair competition conditions and a healthy functioning structure. At this point, however, we will not expect everything from the state. After that, private railway train operators will take responsibility for the development of the railway sector. Many companies from many sectors are interested in this process. We make the process easier, open the way, but the important thing is that the private sector takes place here, puts it under its hand, and we realize the growth of the sector together. In the aviation industry, THY has grown tremendously and became a world giant. Private sector companies have become capable of doing business around the world. Such a future is waiting for the railway sector. We want the private sector to take responsibility and take part in this business. Because it is much easier for us to realize the stronger railway sector together. Çünkü

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