High-speed train tickets

High-speed train tickets: High Speed ​​Train timetable after the change of the same ticket sold to more than one person caused the crisis. TCDD officials paid a part of the passengers, while some of the passengers had to travel on the floor and stool.

The Istanbul-Eskişehir train times departing from Ankara on December 15 were changed. The change was notified to passengers who had bought tickets before via sms and e-mail and said, “Dear passenger, the departure time of your train has been updated. You can use the address Yolcu.tcdd.gov.tr ​​for details and time inquiries ”.

After the change, the passengers who wanted to get on the train yesterday were told that they were not registered at the ticket control point and could not get on the train. Upon the reaction of dozens of passengers who wanted to take the train, which was 19.05 before and shifted to 19.30, the solution proposal of the TCDD official was a refund or a standing trip. The official, who said there was a problem, admitted that they sold the same seat to more than one person.

Passengers showing reaction were helpless in places and had to travel on restaurant stools.

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