TCDD's Projects to Relieve Transport in Malatya

TCDD Malatya 5. 14 project from the 3 project, which was started by the regional directorate, to relieve the transportation within the borders of the province of Malatya, came to the stage of being finished. TCDD Malatya 5. Regional Director Ülker, am Green Source - Industrial District Babuktu Pass, Çarmuzu District - Kayuncu North Crossroad Overpass and Malatya - Çetinkaya line over the Topsöğüt Pass came to a stage of completion. Ü

TCDD Malatya 5. Regional Directorate of Green Source - Sanayi Mahallesi Babuktu Pass, Çarmuzu Mahallesi - Kayalık North Crossing Overpass and Malatya - Cetinkaya line over the Topsogut Pass came to the stage. 4. TCDD Malatya 5, which presents project works as regional directorate at Provincial Coordination meeting. Regional Manager Üzeyir Ülker, z As it is known, 3 initiated a study that pre-arranged the level crossing and overpass or bridge crossroads by allocating budget despite the fact that the Ministry of Transport was not among its main duties to prevent the accidents in railways and especially in the level crossings. . The 14 project, which is being built in the province of Malatya, is about to be completed. We have a total of 3 projects in Malatya by the railways and the cost of these projects is 38 million.


TCDD Malatya 5 who stated that they are carrying out the project works in connection with the Ministry of Transport in order to relieve the transportation in Malatya. In his speech, Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker said, “We have three of our current level crossing. The tender for the first phase of the highway Babuktu, on the 252 + 290 kilometer line of Malatya-Elazig was completed. This region is referred to as Yeşil Kaynak - Sanayi Mahallesi. The process has increased a bit due to the delivery. This is your future 4. Our project is expected to be completed in the month. 56 percent of the project has been completed. 8 million 940 thousand pounds for the work done for the project received the cost. As I said next year 4. It will be completed in the month. Our second North Junction Overpass was completed in terms of railways. At the moment, paving works will be done by our highways. Çarmuzu Mahallesi - Kayalık is located on Malatya - Elazığ 254 + 565 km highways line. Our Topsöğüt Pass on the third Malatya - Çetinkaya line is a passage that we organize in the form of a bridge crossing. 80 percent of the physical realization is in question. We're 11. We plan to finish in the first week or in the middle of the month. Ay


Lar The total cost of the projects is above 38 million, Demir said Ülker, the Regional Director of the 34 project within the borders of the province of Malatya. Proj State Railways have an 38 project within the borders of Malatya province in this period. Our total project amount is 34 million 431 thousand. Expenditure of previous years 984 thousand, 28 million years of payment 870 thousand thousand. Our period expenditure 11 million 276 thousand. We have 39 on physical realization, 58 on physical realization and 70 on ongoing investments. We have certain projects that will facilitate the transportation of Malatya. As it is known, 3 has launched a study that pre-arranged the level crossings and overpass or bridge crossings by allocating the budget despite the fact that the Ministry of Transport was not one of its main duties to prevent the accidents in railways and especially in the level crossings. In our region, these studies started 3 years ago. 12 has launched 42 units in the province, and 14 is located in the province of Malatya. X


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