Good News of 2nd Stage in Akçaray! Here is the new route

For the October meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, 12 gathered in 15.00 on Thursday, October with 113 agenda. The agenda of the agenda before the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram, the people of Kocaeli Akçaray'ın 2. said that the line will be extended to the Izmit Schools Region until the Coastway.


Secretary General İlhan Bayram, who took the floor at the meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in October, was invited to the conference in Akçaray. Said that the line will be extended to the beach and schools. Bayram uz We are going to the second stage of Akçaray. Our goal was to reduce traffic in the city. To provide people with a more comfortable and comfortable transportation. The target of the project was to carry 2 thousand passengers per day. Last week we carried 14 thousand passengers. Citizens loved the tram Vat he said.


Planning and project planning is done, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality İlhan Bayram said: ş We are in the tender stage of the second stage. 2. Starting from our station at Etap Seka Park, we will add 4 stops. It will go to the region of Elginkan Foundation. After that, the second stage will be the last stop in front of the treatment facility on the beach road. 2 will make a thousand 150-meter line. X Ilhan Bayram also said that after the end of this line, they aimed to take the tram line into Kurucesme.



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