The average 21 bin car passes through Osmangazi Bridge per day

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, stating that an average of 21 thousand vehicles pass through Osmangazi Bridge daily, “If you compare with the guarantee number, we are at the bottom, the point we have reached today is very important if you compare with the initial figures of 11-12 thousand.” said.

Arslan, said in a statement, build-operate-transfer (BOT) model of transportation projects carried out by means of the average of one-year transitions to be made, if the guarantee figure is not reached the contractor to the contractor or the company said that the difference is paid.

Pointing out that approximately 9 million 5 thousand vehicles passed through the Osmangazi Bridge in the 753-month period of this year, Arslan stated that the average daily vehicle transition reached 21 thousand. Arslan, "If you compare with the guarantee figure, we are at the bottom, if you compare with the initial figures of 11-12 thousand, the point we reached today is very important." he spoke.

Noting that the vehicle feasibility of the bridge is not envisaged until the third year, Arslan reminded that the project extended to Osmangazi Bridge with a total of 300 kilometers, 133 of which are motorways and 433 connection roads.

Arslan stated that the Bursa-İzmir Kemalpaşa line of the project will be completely finished at the end of next year, “Completing this road completely means creating additional traffic. You increase the comfort of people, you decrease the time, you ensure the growth of the industry in that region. At the same time, this means investment in those areas and additional traffic due to investment, so the number of vehicles that will pass through both the highways and the bridge will increase significantly due to the additional traffic to be created by the bridges, highways and connection roads. Our feasibility already predicts this. ” found the assessment.

Minister Arslan, such as projects and passengers to facilitate the lives of passengers and comfort as well as aiming to open the way to industry, voicing continued:

“There are reports that land prices have increased 3 times. Land prices do not increase 3 times while stopping, so the project has facilitated the access of people. That's why people want to live there actively. Secondly, investment and industry were paved in those regions. The investment made there was not economical yesterday due to the difficulty of carrying both the raw material and the finished product, today it is economical due to these projects. It is invested because it is economical, and because the investment is made, the price of the land there increases 3 times. My special claim is that people don't skip this. Even the increase in the land price and the housing price is a very important indicator of this because we provide easy access to about 25 million people on this route. ”

“You can go from Izmir to Izmir in 3 hours”

Explaining that this motorway reduces the travel time between Istanbul and Bursa to 45 minutes-1 hour, considering the journey from Gebze, Arslan said that the journey does not even take 45 minutes, and said that you can go from Izmir to Izmir in 3 hours.

Arslan stated that the important thing is not the number of passes of the vehicles, but the growth of the regional industry, “The taxes collected serve those in Kars, in Hakkari. We are criticized from time to time; 'The difference lies in the pocket of Kars, Hakkari, Sinopl and Mersin.' He said. No, the added value it generates, returns, goes there as a service, this should not be skipped. ” said.

Osmangazi Bridge and connecting roads in the case of vehicles, the amount to be paid to firms due to the warranty that the amount of 750 million dollars annually, stated that the tax will be deducted from the business figures.

Emphasizing that sometimes the ruthless criticism of the subject made Arslan, said:

“Although many vehicles have passed, it is rumored that 1,5-2 billion lira will be paid annually. I'm sorry, but when we do this type of projects, we reveal that; Is this a need, a need. Do we have the opportunity to do this today or not? Because the possibilities are limited and you make a divided road and service all over the country. Then we take advantage of the private sector dynamics by introducing alternative finance methods and public-private cooperation. We do the job quickly and with high quality. Today, we are saying that "I have no money" and we will postpone the benefit of the blessings of our people for 25 years. The second method, you borrow, you get credit, you pay that loan. Instead, we say that; public-private cooperation is an exemplary practice in which we are very successful. The world uses it by taking it as an example. Our last citizen pays, and the country gains more than this with the added value created by the bridge. ”

“$ 10,5 billion was obtained from operating right in aviation”

The same criticism of the aviation industry for the same criticism of the Arslan Arslan, the sector paid the amount of guarantee paid to date since 40 million dollars, the guarantee on the top of the figure was 410 million dollars drew attention.

Arslan underlined that the amount obtained from the transfer of the right to operate in the aviation sector was $ 10,5 billion. In those days, we obtained $ 15 billion from the operating right of the airports we built with the BOT model. After the operating period on bridges and highways is over, we will also generate serious revenues due to the transfer of operating rights. With those revenues, we will provide more services to 300 million. This aspect of the work should not be overlooked. ” he spoke.

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