Minister Arslan: Yay We have started to use intelligent transportation systems widely Bakan

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the school service vehicles under the terms of the School Service Vehicles Service Regulation can be hired under the conditions of the service. it is clear that he must fulfill the obligations stipulated in the regulation. yönetmelik

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz attended the opening ceremony of the Traffic Safety and Highway Passenger Transportation Workshop organized at the TOBB Conference Hall.

Minister Arslan, in his speech here, according to the free movement of information and money on the basis of the modern world in today's world, particularly technological, political and social areas that are experiencing dizziness and changes in almost every field indicating that Arslan, the locomotive of the transport sector, he said.

Arslan, "Mr. President, under the auspices of Prime Minister under the leadership of our Prime Minister should be accepted." He said.

One of the most important branches of transportation is the necessity of developing the road transport in accordance with the requirements of the age, technology and security and comfort needs. It is true that Arslan ended the activities carried out for years without inspection and ended with the Road Transport Law No. 4925.

”All kinds of inspections“

In the article titled husus Renting school service vehicles alan of the School Service Vehicles Service Regulation, reminding the conditions under which these vehicles can be rented, Arslan continued:

. It is clear that the vehicles to be transported should be a school service vehicle even if an agreement is made with the operator of the school service vehicle, and that the owners of the vehicles must fulfill their obligations stipulated in the relevant regulation. Within the framework of the said regulation, it is required that the vehicles that will carry the students are to be special leave vehicles. Furthermore, in order to be a service driver and guide personnel, it is imperative that they should not be convicted even if they are abused by drug-related and child abuse crimes. All kinds of audits are carried out by the ministries and the police. Bu

Arslan pointed out that they are working on a very important project that will provide the opportunity to collect and use the data of the Ministry of Interior immediately and that they have started to work on the preparation of the legal basis of Transportation Electronic Monitoring and Inspection System (U-ETDS).

Arslan, the system to be created by taking the opinions of the sector and the stakeholders in the first prototype studies by stating that they perform, the system for the first time passengers, cargo and goods movements will be made to follow the legislative arrangements, he said.

Arslan said that for the first time in the past, real-time and accurate access to sectoral data, sharing of them in terms of national security, and future planning such as road construction and transportation mode selection will be provided depending on data analysis.

Iz We will bring the opportunity to see if the travels are officially registered and registered through e-Government. Scheduled transport companies have the opportunity to determine the routes they will carry on e-Government in electronic and written form without any further processing. With this system, very important developments will be covered especially for passengers, transporters, state and national security. Bu

Arslan stated that it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they settle in the society by creating positive cultural behavior changes related to increasing traffic safety, and he pointed out that the share of human factor in traffic accidents is over 90 in academic studies.

Sıfır We reduced the accidents caused by road defects to almost zero “

Arslan, pointing out that the first aim is to prevent people from making these mistakes, em The second one is the development of projects that can forgive the mistakes caused by human with technological facilities in order to prevent people from losing their lives even if they make mistakes. At this point, we are making our investments in the last 15 year in order not to lose the lives of a single person. Bu

Reconstruction of vehicles with head-on collision due to the risk of eliminating the risk of eliminating the drivers Arslan, reducing the stress of the journey while increasing traffic safety, the accident caused by the fault of the road reduced to almost zero.

Arslan, "Last 15 year on the road to increase mobility 2 floor traffic accidents per hundred million vehicles per kilometer of death per 5,72'e 2,17'e we have reduced." He said.

Uygulam We started to implement forgiveness road development in developed countries “

Emphasizing that one of the most important measures applied to increase traffic safety is intelligent transportation systems, Arslan continued:

Sistem In parallel with the developments in information technologies, we have started to use smart transportation systems widely for the purpose of getting the highest level of service from the highways and providing traffic safety. On our highways, we started the implementation of the systems for the management of the traffic and informing the drivers based in Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin. Ot

Approximately 70 of accidents occurring at the intersections of the necessary arrangements to increase traffic safety voicing Arslan, developed countries in the implementation of the forgiven road applications, he said.

Arslan stated that they had established the most modern and state-of-the-art vehicle inspection stations. he said.

Arslan emphasized that the value they give to people is the basis of their services and stated that their goal with intelligent transportation systems and technologies is to reduce accidents with fatal and severe injuries.

Uz We're not saying değ the place you can't go is not yours “. 'Safely, comfort and the short time you can not go, is not your' and we are acting accordingly, '' he said Arslan, high-standard, smart ways, forgive ways, said they were talking.

Arslan pointed out the importance of today's program in the creation of awareness and added that he was confident that the results would have significant consequences for the two days what the parties did and what to do.

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