The second runway of the Third Airport will be completed at the end of the year

The second runway of the Third Airport will be completed at the end of the year: While the work at the Third Airport, which will be the largest terminal in the world in terms of superstructure, continues at full speed, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications gave information about the project in the iftar program, where he met with airport workers.

Arslan stated that they spent overtime to complete the project and said, “If there are those who want to be martyred for the future of this country, either inside or outside, we will continue to add to our day in every area of ​​transportation for the country's development, development and development. With this awareness, we will continue to spend overtime to finish the 3rd airport as soon as possible. ” said.


İGA Airport Chairman Mehmet Cengiz said, “We have made 200 million cubic meters of filling and a total of 800 million cubic meters of excavation. We are about to complete the asphalt works of our first runway, and we will finish our second runway at the end of the year. We make the biggest terminal in the world in terms of superstructure. We have poured 3 million cubic meters of concrete and used 440 thousand tons of rebar throughout the project where we have completed the rough construction of the terminal part. In addition to this, we have purchased 110 thousand tons of structural steel, especially the main terminal, where we are about to finish the roof steel, and we have completed the manufacturing and assembly of a large part of it. As of yesterday, we started baggage system tests. ”


Cengiz stated that they will finish the façade and roofing works as soon as possible, “As of the end of May, we have completed 3,8 percent of our project, which we transferred 55 billion euros as of today.” Cengiz announced that as of today, the number of over 27 thousand employees will increase to 30 thousand before the end of the summer.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 18:10

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