NASA's Istanbul share attracted attention

Sharing the photos taken from the space under the title of 'photo of the day', NASA chose Istanbul this time. In the photo taken by an astronaut at the International Space Station, the location of Istanbul and the details of the city were emphasized.

The National Aeronautics and Astronautics Department (NASA) shares photos taken from space every day under the title her Photo of the day Ulusal. In this context, NASA chose Istanbul's image from space as a photograph of the day.

Photographed under the title 'Bridges of the Bosphorus', it was stated that the settlement was concentrated especially in coastal areas in Istanbul. It is also emphasized that the red roof of Mustafa Kemal Cultural Center in Akatlar is also remarkable.

Kanal Istanbul project was also included in the said share. In order to reduce the number of ships in the Bosphorus Strait, it is stated that there is a project to open a canal in the west of the city.

NASA, the Bosporus not only in terms of tourism, but also has a great importance in terms of commercial, Mediterranean and Black Sea ties, and especially the Russian oil products are important in the world said that the distribution.

To see the big picture NASA shared click on the link.

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