Di Restoration of TCDD Housing ehir by Gaziantep Büyükşehir


The winners of the 'Encouraging historical and cultural heritage conservation projects and applications' organized by the Association of Historical Towns (MARA) were determined. According to this; The T application award “was given to the restoration project of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality's TCDD Housing.

69 application from the 82 municipality and the 62 project in the 143 project area. The restoration project of the Metropolitan Municipality for TCDD Housing was awarded for the protection of architecture and the heritage of the Republican era.

Preservation of the works of the Republican period by the jury and restoration with a small number of studies, the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep in this direction is an example of the study stated that the award was deemed worthy.

The Metropolitan Municipality had restored the 6 pieces TCDD Housing, which was in an idle state, and used it in various areas and protected the Republican period.


Metropolitan Municipality within the last 6 month; In the field of health ”Disadvantaged Groups in Municipal Services X under the title” Women's Health Services Project lığı with the President of the 2 award, in transport “left-turn bans; ”Productivity“ award by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology He was awarded with gis Station Park atik in. Thematic and Innovative Applications atik category of Plant Landscape and Ornamental Plantation Magazine.

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