Siemens and Alstom Companies Join Forces (Special News)

siemens alstom companies joined forces special news
siemens alstom companies joined forces special news

French Railway giant Alstom and the German Railway school announced the Siemens merger decision. According to Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser, the new combination is Siemens Alstom. The new firm will be managed by Henri Poupart-Lafarge, formerly the general manager of Alsom.

The French company, which had captured the success of Siemens' ICE high-speed trains in Germany, continued its rise with TGVs in Alstom. Companies that think the merger will be beneficial to all of Europe seem to have been given importance in order to make it difficult for the Chinese cement producer CRRC to enter the market.

Alstom's market share in Asia, America, India and Africa will be combined with Siemens USA, Russia and China to be the largest producer in the railway sector. The Siemens Alstom administration building will be in Paris.

An interesting point of this combination is that the 20 of Alstom belongs to the French state. It will be the management of the new company with the French government will lead the company is spoken.

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