Kardemir Completes European Union Project

Karabük AFAD (Karabük Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate) coordinated with the European Union Project and Kardemir is the project partner, the last workshop of the "Chemical Accident Prevention Preparedness Competencies Training Module Project" was held at the Karabük University Hamit Çepni Conference Hall. . In addition to the project partners, the last workshop of the project that has been carried out since 2016, Kardemir General Manager Ercüment ÜNAL, Iron and Steel Production Manager Ahmet AYCAN, OHS Manager Mehmet BİÇER, Coke Factory Manager Mehmet AĞUŞ, Human Resources Education Chief Kenan KIZILAY and OHS staff, on behalf of the company Environmental Management Chief Engineer Müge CEBECİ, Water Facilities Chief Engineer Fatma Serap GÜLEÇ and Sub-Products Operation Engineer İlhan ATTAR participated in the project.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop General Manager Ercüment Ünal, chemical materials, where they are produced, processes, stored, moved to the management and applications in the region, along with the errors caused a very serious chemical accidents, he said.

Ünal stated that people and other living things in the region were seriously damaged due to the leak in Seveso, Italy in 1976, and that there was a serious sensitivity in the world regarding the management of chemicals after this date. kazanFollowing this, the classification, labeling and packaging regulation of the European Union was established in the 1980s. Within the framework of this procedure, which was also published in the process of transition to the European Union, the regulation on the control of industrial accidents and increasing the efficiency, different regulations and communiqués covering many sectors from industry to agriculture, from health to cosmetics have been published and continue to be published in our country.

Our General Manager Ercüment Ünal stated that Kardemir has prepared the security report within the scope of SEVESO regulation and handed it over to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security as of 2015 due to its role and obligations in the legal regulations. pointed out that he completed. In his speech, Ünal made all the dangerous goods imported and produced under CLP regulation as the Hazardous Material Safety Consultant of all personnel carrying chemicals in Kardemir in accordance with the ADR Regulation and that all personnel carrying out the necessary controls at all chemical production, storage and shipment points as per the relevant regulation. It is stated that Kardemir, which is related to the products and mixtures, fulfills its obligations at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and updates every year, so that 2 specialist personnel from Kardemir are assigned within the scope of the project and it is aimed to add the subjects related to this project to the training plan in our company. brought.

Continuing with the presentation of our Environmental Management Engineer Müge CEBECİ, the workshop continued with the presentations of other project partners.


"Chemical Accident Prevention Preparedness Capabilities Training Module Project" is the first workshop, 18-20 February 2016, between the Turkey and the second May 29 -2 between June in Finland, Portugal, between the third 25 to 30 September 2016 and the fourth It was held in Spain between 23-30 April 2017. After this last workshop, the project report is prepared and sent to the European Union at the end of November.

The project requires training on the classification of chemicals with high consumption in every sector in the industry, questioning the national and international legislation in this regard, and not knowing the precautions for chemical accidents. Therefore, a big profile emerges in terms of safety, health, education and emergency in terms of intervention / effectiveness. Within this profile are disaster and emergency departments' search and rescue teams, emergency units in large industrial establishments, and universities that carry out their work in areas such as environment, chemistry and security. As a result of the project, a 500-page book was created for the training module. Also about the project www.chemippr.org The website can be accessed and accessed via this site.

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