How will the recruitment of TCDD and KGM officers be made?

PTT 2017 / 3 recruitment announcement has been published. According to this, PTT 2500 personnel recruitment will be done by interview. Despite the demands of the central appointment to be made with the appointment of the open-to-void expectations. How will the recruitment of TCDD and KGM officers be made?

Postal Telegraph Organization (PTT) Inc. 2500 announced contract of recruitment of contracted personnel. As previously mentioned by Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, 15 August 2017'da published with the announcement of the anticipated details about the purchase was announced. Candidates learned the details such as the application requirements, how the purchase will be determined. According to this, the recruitment of PTT personnel will be held again by interview.

There were some demands of the candidates before the PTT 2500 recruitment. These demands included stretching the age requirement, removing the section requirement, and centralizing the purchase. However, all expectations of the candidates were wasted. After the applications to be received for the recruitment of PTT personnel, the candidates will be called to the oral exam according to the KPSS score ranking.

Interview reduces reliability. Candidates openly doubt the reliability of appointments by interview. Contracts and interviews with the agenda for a long time, the purchase of oral examinations, the inability to audit and torpedo claims are wounding the public conscience. However, despite all these reactions, the central appointment is open to less staff, while open appointments continue to be made by interview.

Buying an interview will be easier and faster. Because the preferences to be taken by OSYM will be easily evaluated by the institution that is specialized in this field. In addition, the time spent on oral exams will be eliminated, more time can be allocated for security investigation and archival research, and assignments can be made more quickly to needed positions.

How will the staff of KGM 640 and TCDD 700 be recruited? Candidates are interested in the method of recruitment of the personnel to the Highways and TCDD. In the year of 2017, the recruitment of the KGM civil servants was made by the central appointment. In the coming period, 640 personnel recruitment will be made to KGM.

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