Empathy for Disabled People at EGO Stand

The Tanıtım EGO Promotional Tent lüğü belonging to the General Directorate of EGO, which was established within the scope of the International Grand Ankara Festival area, was filled with 9 days.

The installation of 75. In the publicity tent of the General Directorate of EGO; Practical information was provided to the visitors regarding each stage in the background of transportation services.

General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu recalled that every day 1 million 200 is an institution that provides transportation to the city by bus and rail systems. One hundred percent domestic production electric bus, EGO application in CEP, empathy test on disabled ramp, training in driver training simulator, symbolic driving license given to children in traffic training track, production of railcar in the production stage to provide visitors with information about all kinds of transportation they said they worked.

Iğ The driver Simulator Training vehicle, which carries the biggest load of the city transportation by carrying the 700 Thousand Capital with the daily 750, is the most important driver of the EGO drivers. In they got caught. yak

One of the most striking areas in the tent was the den Visually Impaired Empathy Ramp Ç. On the empathy ramp, where visually impaired people were getting on the means of transportation in their daily life, while shopping, and the obstacles restricting their movements, the visitors tried to walk up the stairs with their visually-impaired walking sticks and closed the obstacles one by one.



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