Officer-Sen Hunger-Poverty May May Announced Numbers

Officer-Sen hunger-poverty Announces May Month Figures: Officer-Sen by regularly conducted every month, "according to the hunger-poverty" May the research results of the month, 4 people's hunger threshold for a family in Turkey 1.696,35 TL, the poverty line was set at 4.721,80 TL .

Officer-Sen Confederation held regularly every month by the hunger-poverty research According to a family in Turkey in May 4 1.696,35 £ hunger threshold, the poverty line was determined as per 4.721,80. According to the study, food prices in May decreased by an average 1,67 percent compared to April. The biggest increases in May were dry onions with an increase of 16,28, lemon with an increase of 14,98, carrots with an increase of 12,86, kiwi with an increase of 12,66; The most notable decreases were pointed pepper with 59,79 decrease, green beans with 40,04 decrease, cucumber with 33,67 decrease and garlic with 30,41 decrease.

On the other hand, there was no change in the price of enlightenment in May compared to April.

Clothing, education and transportation prices increased

In May, an average 3,48 increase was observed in clothing prices compared to April. The most notable changes in clothing item prices compared to April were men's shirts with an increase of 10,02 percent, women's jackets with an increase of 9,84, and women's t-shirt prices with an increase of 9,56. However, in terms of clothing item prices, women's tracksuits decreased by 0,84 and baby underwear item prices decreased by 0,07.

There was an increase of 2,62 in education-culture item prices. It was observed that the change in education-culture item prices compared to April was in the price of going to Umrah with an increase of 30,18 in percent, tours of overseas for a week and more with an increase of 19,64, and camera item prices with an increase of 9,86. However, it was found that education-culture item prices decreased by 3,06 decrease in theater and 2,34 decrease in computer item prices decreased.

0,36 percent increase in transportation material prices was determined. The most notable change compared to April was the increase in 3,37 engine oils and 3,18 percent increase in bicycle prices. On the other hand, LPG filling fee decreased with 3,52 decrease in transportation material prices and decrease in gasoline substance price decreased with 3,05 decrease.

Prices of Lower Heat Falled

In May, compared to April, average heating prices decreased by 0,38. In May there was an average increase of 0,74 in housing prices compared to April.

The average change in communication item prices in May compared to April was reflected as an increase of 0,68 percent. The most notable change in communication item prices compared to April was the increase in 7,67 percent of telephone call fee item prices. On the other hand, communication item prices decreased by 4,02 percent compared to April and the price of telephone spare parts item decreased.

Prices of Health and Personal Cleaning Increased

In May, the average change in health care prices compared to April was observed as an increase in 0,53 percent, while the most noticeable changes were in sphygmomanometer with an increase of 2,72 and an increase in contact lens substance prices with an increase of 2,35. On the other hand, the price of health products decreased by 0,3 percent decrease compared to April and the price of birth fee (caesarean section) decreased.

0,86 percent increase in personal hygiene and care items was observed. Personal cleaning and care substance prices compared to April, the most noticeable change in soap 6,6 percent increase, 3,91 percent increase in toilet and beauty soap was found to be in substance prices. On the other hand, deodorant with a decrease of 1,82 and decrease in perfume item prices with a decrease of 1,22 were observed in personal cleaning and care product prices compared to April.

Environmental and water prices have increased by 0,78 percent. The most notable changes in environmental and water substance prices compared to April were the increase in sanitary equipment (faucet) by 1,32 increase; 0,14 decrease was observed in material prices of floor and wall tiles (tiles).

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