Visitors to Malıköy Station Museum

The Malıköy Station Museum, which is used as an infirmary, military ammunition and logistic center and as an airstrip, is full of visitors.

In the first five months of 2017, 7 visited the Museum, which hosted different sections of the society from primary education to university students, workers and tradesmen.

Malıköy Station, located on the Ankara-Eskişehir railway line in Ankara's Polatlı district; With the cooperation of the General Staff, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and TCDD, we entered our cultural life as a museum on 01 June 2008. kazanyelled.

The martyrdom monument in the name of 5 bin 713 Mehmetçik who was martyred during the Sakarya Battle and the memorial of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. 1897 dated German-made locomotive and a German-made wagon used during the Sakarya Battle and 2 airplanes and the station building.

In the museum where the War of Independence is represented by sculptures and visual materials, railway materials used at that time are also exhibited.

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