3. 350 will fly to the airport when the airport is in service

When Istanbul New Airport put into service 350 points to be flown: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the world's envy to watch the Istanbul New Airport with the introduction of services worldwide to Turkey is currently 282 which is planned to be raised to 350 the number of destinations, he said.

Minister Arslan made evaluations on the occasion of the third year of the groundbreaking ceremony of the new airport in Istanbul.

Following the liberalization of the aviation sector in Turkey Arslan voicing serious distances meat, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Turkey "Flying the one you stay, the airline people get in the way", he said instruction within the framework of the significant progress recorded.

Arslan, the number of active airport in the last 10 years that 25 to 55 is removed, explaining that Turkey has become a rather aircraft can go, while domestic and international passenger traffic of 35 million per year which reached 180 million.

  • "Turkey will have a say in world aviation"

Arslan, Turkey's aviation world, noting that it would also have a say in this context that the decision to make the new airport will serve the whole world and Istanbul Airport said that the fundamentals of 7 June 2014 discarded.

Arslan underlined that they had dried the swamps in a place where coal mines were located, adding that they made 10 billion euros investment in this area, and that they would make public-private cooperation and 25 billion euros would be obtained from the operation to be made during the year.

Arslan, Istanbul's European side Yenikoy and Akpinar Black Sea between placements made in the area of ​​76,5 million square meters of coastline Istanbul New Airport, noting the strategic importance Istanbul will carry very different point, "This is the largest project of its kind carried out in Turkey to owner." said.

  • "The world is watching with envy"

Referring to the importance of the airport in question, Arslan said, “Both we and the world care about the New Airport built in Istanbul, they watch it with envy, sometimes with envy. With the opening of the airport, which will serve 200 million passengers annually, we plan to increase our global destinations from 282 to 350. " he spoke.

Arslan pointed out that the New Airport, which has achieved 52,5 percent progress as of the end of May, will be in the position of "transfer airport" and said:

“No matter where in the world, planes will arrive, they will make transfers in your country. The landing of the plane at your airport is an income, the landing of the passenger is an income and you earn an income from the shopping they make. Transfer airports both make you a center in world aviation and contribute to the growth of the country in terms of creating added value and generating income. "

Arslan, Istanbul New Airport to Turkey's growth, the development, underlining will provide a very significant contribution to the economy, the airport said investors in the world regardless of where to come freely to Turkey, to control the investment, and the world on the same day announced that it will allow to be gone to another place.

  • "The number of employees will reach 30 thousand"

Arslan stated that approximately 3 thousand 500 people, 26 thousand 700 of which are white collar employees, work at the Istanbul New Airport, which will be a great support to the Turkish economy, and said, "The number of employees will reach 30 thousand in the coming period. said. Arslan said that they anticipate that Istanbul New Airport will account for 2025 percent of its Gross Domestic Product in 4,9.

Arslan stated that an additional revenue of 79 billion dollars will be generated only from the airport, and that the first phase will be completed in 2018, and 100 thousand people will be employed per year when the opening is realized, and 2025 thousand people will be employed per year when it reaches full capacity in 225.

Emphasizing that they aim to grow the economy with Istanbul New Airport, Arslan said, "We want to put our country in the top 2023 economies of the world in 10, and we want this airport to be a very important factor in the realization of this goal." found the assessment.

Arslan, within the scope of "Istanbul New Airport Rail System Line Survey-Project" work, 34 kilometers long Gayrettepe-New Airport and 31 kilometers long HalkalıHe added that the works for Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport segment, which is determined as the first stage of the rail system line, which is planned as a total 65 kilometer, is continuing.



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