Minister Yıldırım and İzban and Gulf Dispatch

Minister Yıldırım and İzban and Gulf Dispatch
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, continues his visit to Bergama, where he started early in the morning.

Yıldırım went to Kozak Yukarıbey and Göçbeyli villages and then visited a tradesman in Bergama center. Minister Yıldırım, who attended a meeting of the AK Party Bergama District Organization, brought the İZBAN discussions with the managers of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on the agenda.

Emphasizing that the suburban line did not work when they took office, the rails were stolen and it was in ruins, Yıldırım said: “We called the mayor. We said there is no politics in service. We asked them to do it with TCDD. We sat down and implemented the Aliağa-Menderes line. We don't have a stamp in his money. The important thing is to serve the public. We sent the checks of Ankara and Istanbul. If it was not enough, they wanted new drawers. But at every opportunity, they say 'we made İZBAN'. Dude, okay, we got it and we know the subway that you can't do and say 'we will do it, but why do you claim the job? We did it together with the municipality. People of Izmir benefit from more beautiful and comfortable transportation. The people of Izmir know well who does what and who does not. Then we said that we will extend this IZBAN both north and south. We will extend it to Bergama soon. "
Minister Yıldırım stated that the reason why the Izmir Bay smells is because of the collectors, and said that the current situation of the Gulf is similar to the old situation of the Istanbul Golden Horn.

Noting that the collectors must be overhauled, Yıldırım continued his words as follows: “Unfortunately, the Gulf is not what we want, the Bay of Izmir is now like the old version of the Golden Horn. Our Prime Minister cleaned it up with an advanced technology, sea creatures and creatures began to catch up.

We also said that there is no politics in Izmir Bay. It is an important value of Izmir. Working together. Scanning is currently in progress. The collectors must be overhauled. Collectors do not work. In the slightest rain and rain, a terrific odor spreads. Collectors must be handled over and over again. "

Minister Yıldırım criticized the fact that İzmir's share of tourism revenues remained at ten percent.

30 million tourists coming to Turkey Stating that only three million have come to Izmir, Izmir, why are stating that should be asked the question of displaced count, said: "Stability and trust have brought an understanding that prevails. The biggest difference is our Prime Minister, who is devoted to this nation, who is in love and is on the road for his nation day and night. Izmir today over 30 million tourists coming to Izmir in Turkey, but only 3 million are falling. Turkey's 3rd largest city but the share is 10 percent. In 2002, this was even less. It was a million and a half. The people of Izmir and Bergama should think about this. Why did this happen? Why did İzmir stand still while other regions and provinces went forward by leaps and bounds in the past years? This question should definitely be asked "

Providing information about 35 İzmir 35 projects and their stages, including İzmir and Bergama, Yıldırım argued that İzmir provincial and district municipal administrators only made excuses.

Yıldırım explained that they were not idle and that they were working to complete the projects they promised and continued his words as follows: “Now if you ask the municipalities, a thousand and one excuses. Sir, we will work, but the government is obstructing: 'mercy. Do everything, the coins come exactly, they come in excess. Because there is a prime minister acting as mayor. Those in power at that time could not digest it when the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor was elected. They did their best. This was not enough. They prevented it for meaty reasons. We opened the blocked roads one by one. We have made our country the 17th largest economy in the world. We decided to put Turkey among the ten countries listed fingers. We will share this with you. You cannot put the nation to sleep with stories, lullabies, false stories. There is no simplicity. You will work hard and serve you with the opportunities provided. Do not hide behind excuses. Thanks you chose us. So do we stand idle now? We promised 35 projects to İzmir. Our political opponents said 'we have a hundred projects'. Our source of all our projects there, he stepped foot in Izmir and Turkey which projects into the future. "

Minister Yildirim, Izmir Governor Cahit Kirac during the visit to the craftsmen and the AK Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Omar Cihat Akay and accompanying him with the drinker drank the Ottoman sherbet.

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