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Valve Northern Railway Charter: 2023 four sides of Turkey Turkey which will be held under the vision of putting up with the high-speed train network is not found in Van 2023 that none of these studies. The distance between Kars and Ankara will be reduced to 5 by the fast train. Van, on the other hand, provides rail transport not only to the Van Lake but also to the ferryboat at the 5 hour to Tatvan.

Recently, the tram line has been added to the city by the municipalities. kazanVan's railway transportation is trying to be among the provinces that the government will invest in. A hundred years ago, a railway line project was drawn even in the Ottoman period and the railway line reaching many points of the city has such a deep-rooted history, while Van, the only city without a railway among the metropolitan cities, is waiting for the good news of the Northern Railway Line. While important high-speed train services are being carried out in Turkey, great strides are made in transportation from one end of Turkey to the other with the newly built lines, distances of thousands of kilometers are reduced to a few hours of travel. Despite this, the city, which has been wanting the Northern Van Lake Railway line for years, demanding to reach Tatvan from around the lake, not by ferries, and currently requiring a tram, is still not involved in any railway project to be built until 2023. Although the Tatvan-Ankara high-speed train line was built with the latest arrangement, the absence of Van received a reaction, and an ironic statement came from Van TSO and former head of TB Feridun Irak, one of the names who have been voicing this issue for years. Expressing his comment on the subject by saying, "Hands to the moon, on foot to Van", Iraq also referred to the names of interest and said, "I hope our luck will open up." He made his comment.

For the railway, which has an important mission in the development of Van, no good news has been given to Van yet… Finally, among the 2023 targets, it is planned to build high-speed trains and new railway lines to many provinces of Turkey, while it is a great economic opportunity for Van. kazanNo good news has been given for the Northern Railway line, which will provide three lines… The railway line, which has an important place in connecting Iran and even the Middle East with Turkey, will be provided over Lake Van again according to the announced targets. Wagons loaded on ferries on the coast of Iskele will be transported across the sea again… A great economic opportunity for Van. kazanWe handled this railway issue, which is considered as three, as the Şehirvan Newspaper and asked certain names. Here are Van's expectations from the Northern Railway line…

Turkey, a high-speed train which met in 2009 (YHT) technology when entering a new era in transportation, inhabited by close to half of the country until the population by 2023, 18 provinces is aimed at interconnecting the high-speed rail network. YHT line has a thousand 213 kilometers in Turkey. The first high-speed train in the country was put into service between Ankara and Eskişehir in 2009. Passengers started to be transported between Ankara-Konya in 2011 and Eskişehir-Konya in 2013 by high-speed trains. A total of 29 million passengers have been carried to date in YHTs, which have attracted great attention since they started to serve.

Ankara will be the center of high-speed and high-speed railway projects that have been completed and are under construction. It will be possible to travel to the cities such as İstanbul, Sivas, İzmir, Eskişehir and Konya by high-speed trains. Sivas will be connected to Ankara and Istanbul by high-speed train. Travel time between Ankara and Sivas will decrease from 12 hours to 2 hours and travel time between Istanbul and Sivas will decrease from 5 hours. The journey between Bursa-Ankara and Bursa-Istanbul will decrease to 2 hours and 15 minutes. Infrastructure construction of Bursa-Yenişehir section continues within the scope of Bursa-Bilecik (Osmaneli) High Speed ​​Railway Project. The construction of the Yenişehir-Bilecik (Osmaneli) section will start this year.

Turkey's largest 3 will bring together two of the city Ankara-Izmir YHT Project Ankara (Polatli) -Afyonkarahis and Afyon-Usak (Esme) Esme cut in infrastructure construction work Salihli and Salihli-Manisa ongoing infrastructure procurement process in the sector. The contracts for infrastructure and superstructure works have been signed in Manisa- İzmir (Menemen) and work has started. When the project is completed, travel time by rail between Ankara and Izmir will decrease from 14 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. The tender for the construction of the first phase of the Sivas-Erzincan high-speed railway project was held. In Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep high-speed train project, construction works between Konya-Karaman and Adana-Gaziantep are underway, and construction tender works are continuing in other departments. With the Bilecik- Bursa, Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway and Konya-Karaman, Sivas-Erzincan high-speed railway lines, 18 provinces where almost half of the country's population live in the short term will be connected to each other.

Speaking to our newspaper about the Northern Railway line, businessman Feridun Iraq, one of the former heads of Van TSO and Van TB, said: “There are provinces in our country that are very good and well served. I do not know if these provinces are very lucky or have a different side. From the high-speed train investment, which has an important place in the transportation of today's world, we were pedestrian again while investing in provinces such as Sivas, Kars and Elazığ in our region. Sivaslı, who had previously reached Ankara in 12 hours, will arrive in 2 hours, when it comes into service next year. ”

Iraq, saying that the railway over Van-Tatvan is costly to make the ferry, m 2023 30 hour with the completion of the Kars-Ankara hour will go at the 5 hour. We are going to the 49 miles away from Tatvan in 5 hours. Our proposal to connect the Van-Tatvan railway link, which was brought to the agenda for years, by the north was not taken into consideration. That's why we're on foot. Van-Tatvan railway connection by ferry on Lake Van brings a waste of time and high costs. As we continue to do so, our province has no contribution to its economy. While the lucky cities in question get the fast train, our demand is not even in line with the convex line. I hope that the provinces that will be on the high speed train will be better, and that we have the chance to open our chances. Uş

All Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (TÜMSİAD) Van Branch President Suleyman Guler discussed the issue on the Iranian side of the railway line for the work done, he said. Gul, "Turkey has made next to this breakthrough is also Iran's Silk Road project, which also has a drop goal by the year 2020. He wants to lay a railroad with his own country border. Urmiye, Hoy and Bazargan gates to meet at a common point, will be a railway work on the border line will be made. Azar

Expressing that the Northern Railway line is an important work for Van, Güler continued: “For us, the Northern Railway line is important for the future of trade. In the short term, this may seem utopian. It can be seen as a high cost in terms of cost, but when we consider the future, if an export target of 35 billion dollars is left between Turkey and Iran, the most important key point here is Van, in my opinion. If Van is located at this key point, investments should be made accordingly. Here is the modernization of the Kapıköy Border Gate, its status as an international gate kazanIf Van is in a strategic location, it definitely needs to be done in this way. There is such a need in terms of being ready for the future.”

President Guler, with the railway line to be made, not only Iran, the Iranian trade with other countries, he said. Güler said, u It is also necessary to think about this. This northern railway or our existing railway line should not only be considered as serving Iran. If we think like that, we'il be wrong. We can use Iran to cross the country and serve the countries beyond Iran. There are many important countries such as India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These countries are the countries with at least 50 of the world population. These are the countries where we can market our industrialists. We can trade with those countries. We have to act with this in mind. Bunu

Güler stated that it is an important investment for the future and added: e I think it is a very important investment and an investment for the future. Of course, for the acceleration of Kapikoy after it becomes active, we have to work for this railway. In this understanding we have to make a lot of effort. Opening the door will give us a great deal of responsibility as well as contributing a lot to us. It is a pity if you do not direct such power. God bless our state there is a big investment. We need to do our best to make this work more actively and contribute to economic, social and cultural understanding. Already we need to work for the door and strive to make it work better. Şimd

Van Organized and Industrial Zone Chairman of the Board Şemsettin Bozkurt stated that the way to development and development of the Northern Railway Line was the completion of the infrastructure. We have several calls. Invest in the bride, we say that our city has the following features. In the free market economy, the distance to the raw material in the region to be invested, the climate conditions, the distance to the ports are invested according to these evaluations. Therefore, there are many deficiencies of our Van in terms of railways. It's not a single North Vangölü railway line. This is a major shortcoming. On the other hand, the railway network passes through our Erciş, Muradiye, Tatvan and Ahlat districts is of great importance for both our region and our province. Öte

Bozkurt said, Böl Furthermore, there is no railway in the Organized Industrial Zone, which is the heart of Van. This railway project is also on the agenda. Anzak Castle was located on Özalp Road and a place was allocated. Mr. Fatih Çiftci, Deputy Secretary of State, called me and told that he was taken to the 2017 program. In this way, a station will be created to send goods both in Turkey and abroad by this way in our OIZ. As a result of my interviews, this year it was planned to be completed and completed. That's a 17 mileage. Bir

Emphasizing that the Van Northern Railway line should be considered without lowering 2 cargo ships into Van Lake, Bozkurt said, “The world's money has been invested in them. Therefore, it is a very high amount of cost to see the loads from our province to Tatvan by using the Van Lake. It is not economical in terms of time and cost. The construction of the North Van Lake Railway Line as soon as possible is very important and valuable in terms of the development of these cities and economically. Does it end with that? When the railway is mentioned, the railway of the OSB must also be completed. To say even more, if we want to develop relations with Iran, if we are planning to take tourists there, we actually need to think about the Van-Urmiye high-speed train line. In fact, a high-speed train running from Kapıköy to other provinces of Turkey should be carried out. This high-speed train work that we want to be done between Iran and Van will give a great acceleration to both the Van economy and the Turkish economy. kazanwill stand.” He used his expressions.

Bozkurt continued his speech as follows: m We have a railway line 4 that must be done before us. Another important railway line is between Van and Trabzon Port. This place has a distance of 690 km. This must be put into operation in this way. Van products will easily reach the port of Trabzon and receive the products will be important in terms of taking it comfortably. We believe that by providing more economic communication, Van will attain its real identity and trade center mission. Daha

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  1. As you said, Mr. Bozkurt, the best project for Van is the road that will connect to Erzurum and then to Trabzon (Rize) via Van-Erciş-Patnos-Ağrı. All the people of Van and Ağrı should struggle for this without any discrimination of party views. Remember, those who are economically strong have constitutional rights and cultural rights. The most concrete examples of this are Catalonia, Bavaria, Scotland and Ireland.