World Snowboard Cup Starts in Erciyes

The World Snowboard Cup Starts in Erciyes: The Erciyes stage, the last stage of the İstikbal FIS Snowboard World Cup, which will bring together the world's most successful athletes, will be held tomorrow. An introductory meeting was held in Erciyes before the championship. Speaking at the meeting, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Çelik said, "It is a source of pride for our city and country that we are holding the World Cup for the second time in Erciyes."

The last publicity meeting held before the FIS Snowboard World Cup was held at the Erciyes Ramada Hotel. Speaking at the meeting Mayor Mustafa Celik, he said that Turkey's Erciyes is a ski resort proud of. Expressing that it is not easy to reach today in Erciyes, President Çelik said, su Since the 2005 project, where the project started to work on the ground, has started to expand, clean and dirty water sewage system, natural gas, landscaping, construction of social areas, mechanical facilities, runways, artificial snowing systems. We spent around 200 Million Euro on the investments made in the item. With the investments we made, 2017 season as 15 pieces of chair lift, telekabin, gondola among the public as well as known as 'ropeways' mechanical facilities, as well as 4 pieces of marching band, children's playgrounds, training areas, such as skiing recreational activities, such as elements of the skiing elements, 200 kms to reach the ski slopes of different degrees of difficulty and Turkey's most developed "artificial snow making system" and we have created a magnificent ski resort. With great sacrifice, we implemented a state investment with the municipal budget. The investment figure will reach 400 Million Euro with the investments of summer tourism and private sector accommodation facility. Yatırım


Stressing that all of these investments made Erciyes become a world-class center, President Çelik emphasized the fact that organizations around the world have become available. N In the 2015 Snowboard European Cup, 2016 was one of the most important activities of winter sports. So much so that the successful organization we made last year and Erciyes has a great infrastructure for such organizations, this year the World Snowboard Cup was given to us once again. This situation is a source of pride for both our city and our country. And this situation showing our ability to carry out the organizations successfully shows that Kayseri and Erciyes are ready for the Olympics. Erciyes, just like the world championships in the winter olympics have the power and knowledge to make the most beautiful way, dünya he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Steel, Erciyes'i not only in the winter season, but the year to make a center full of 12 month to make investments in the center gave information about the investments. President Steel, at the end of his words, thanked those who contributed to the championship.


Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits of participating in the meeting held at Erciyes in his speech recalled that the World Cup for the second time and stressed the importance of getting this trophy made permanent. The world's major ski centers, a stage of the World Cup Perform Benefit stated that, "In Turkey, we wanted to make a place. When we examine the ski resorts, the capacity to do this and the desire to make meat is the active city Kayseri Kayak.

Erciyes Metropolitan Municipality made clear in his 200 million euro investment voicing the largest ski investments made in Turkey benefits, "investment in the beginning of Erciyes in Turkey is the only investment made as planned. It is our duty to support such an investment. This championship is very important for the promotion of Erciyes and our country. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality and Erciyes A.Ş. for their efforts in the organization. Organizasyon


Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board and General Manager Murat Çahid Cıngı said that the final stage of the World Cup will start with the qualifying races on 4 on Saturday, 10.00, and the final races will be held at 14.30. 19 44 103 from countries including America, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, including countries such as women stressed that the participation of Cıngı, participating countries television and Eurosport live broadcasts of Erciyes'i approximately 2 billion people will watch said. Cniz, 5 on Sunday at the clock 14.30'de the main sponsor of the cup by the Ziknet Sali concert will be held by Istikbal, he said.

FIS Director Peter Krogull expressed his happiness to be in Kayseri again and stated that a very nice organization was held. Krogull, particularly Metropolitan Municipality, including such organizations by thanking those who took the organization to contribute to the development of winter sports in Turkey wishes.


Playmaker Agency President Kerem Mutlu, who undertook the organization of the World Cup, also said that a date will be written in Erciyes. Pointing out that the final stage of the World Snowboard Cup should be in Erciyes, Mutlu said that the champions will be determined in Kayseri and that there is more participation from all stages.

The contest was attended by the favorite athletes. The athletes expressed their happiness for being in Kayseri and they hoped to come to Erciyes next year.

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