The fastest skiers in the world are in Erzurum

The fastest skiers in the world are in Erzurum: Speed ​​ski races were held in Erzurum with the participation of 4 athletes from 7 countries. International Ski Federation (FIS) and Turkey Ski Federation supports the Xanadu Snow White Ski Center Palandöken made by the hotel to compete in 4 categories, Turkey, United Kingdom, Sweden and Austria joined the 7 athletes.

race in held in the hotel's third runway, Speed ​​DH category world champion British Jen Farrell, Swede Daniel Persson and Hanna Matslofv to Austrian Manuel Kramer with Turkey Berk Dikmen, Cenk Demiroğlu and he Aykut bun fight.

In the “Speed ​​1” category, Daniel Persson took first place with his 131,06 km speed, while Jan Farrell took the second place with 130,75 km.

In the "Speed ​​1" category women, Hanna Matslofva reached a speed of 127,35 kilometers.

In the "Speed ​​DH" category, Manuel Kramer came first with a speed of 127,50 kilometers, and Cenk Demiroğlu came second with a speed of 121,48 kilometers.

Aykut Topuz 94 in the "Snowbike" category and Berke Dikmen in the "Snowboard" category came first with a speed of 108,65 kilometers.

After the races, athletes were given medals and various gifts.

"A promising sport"

Organizations responsible Berk Dikmen, again noting that Palandöken Ski Center signed a policy, "this sport we organized a race to ensure that such developments in Turkey. This sport is accepted as one of the basic sports of the World Ski Federation, second level. There is a possibility to enter the Olympiad. We found it appropriate to organize this competition as it is a promising sport. The 3 athletes participating in the races are among the fastest in the world. "We will continue this kind of work to popularize skiing and skiing sports," he said.

Hanna Matslofva stated that she started this sport 7 years ago and said, “This is my fourth year in the highest classification. I'm holding the record at 186 kilometers. This sport we participate in this organization for development in Turkey, "he said.

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