Fair Use Quota 2018 will end as of the end

Fair Usage Quota will be lifted by the end of 2018: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that there will be a gradual transition at the Fair Use Point (AKN) as of May and will be completely removed by the end of 2018, "Especially the internet used at night will not be deducted from the quota." said.

Minister Arslan, in his speech at the opening of the "7 February World Internet Day and the Safe Internet Center Promotion Program", stated that the invention of the internet was one of the most important events of the last century, and said that the internet has become indispensable for everybody and an indispensable part of life.

The internet is now a sector that changes behavior patterns, habits used in every area of ​​the life, and that every person is a sector that pushes every person to create a new lifestyle in the denominator of the world citizen, and that the Internet is a new cultural space, reality, freedom and economic market. global values, habits change quickly said.

Arslan, the Internet, the global system has become a cultural channel, drawing attention to, said:

“However, it should not be forgotten that the internet is an important center of attraction especially for our youth with its unlimited, hierarchical and innovative structure. While acknowledging the reality of the Internet, we have to acknowledge its effects on our children. For our youth, the internet may seem like a place where they can use their freedoms as they wish, express themselves with their identities that they can hide, and where they do not bear any responsibility away from social pressures. However, our BTK President also said that this was not the case. We need to know, especially from an ethical point of view, that whatever is a crime in real life, however it should not be done as part of our culture, the same should not be done here. We need to know that there is the same amount of crime before the law, maybe it may take time to emerge, but our responsibility continues against this. "

Arslan, who says that the values ​​built on the Internet have been reproduced, stated that the traditions and customs lost their value in the internet environment and that human values ​​are different in this place.

Stating that internet content is of great importance, Arslan said, “Normally, if a parent needs to know where and with whom his / her child is outside the house, if it is thought that they may be mistaken on the stray and endless streets, leaving the children uncontrolled on the internet with more of the same thing is quite dangerous. Now families know that he can give birth. " used the expressions.

  • "Broadband internet subscribers reached 60 million"

Arslan, 14 22 thousand years ago, the broadband internet subscriber 60 million came today, emphasizing the emphasis, said:

“It is a fact that the virtual space called the internet, which affects the whole lifestyle of our youth, should not be left unattended. Considering that 3,5 billion people are internet users, approximately 2,5 billion people are active social media users, nearly 4 billion people have mobile phones, and the number of people using social media on mobile devices exceeds 2 billion, it is not enough to take precautions and become conscious. It should be emphasized that it is also of great importance.

Armstrong, 2010 BTK hand, especially children and young people start their activities in Turkey with a secure environment for all Internet users told us that they intended to ensure.

Stating that there will be a gradual transition as of May regarding fair quota usage, Arslan said, “AKN will be completely removed by the end of 2018. Especially the internet used at night will not be deducted from the quota. " said.

BTK Chairman Ömer Fatih Sayan

Ömer Fatih Sayan, President of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), stated that safe internet is a work carried out by the European Commission within the scope of a better and safer internet strategy for children, and since 2004, in more than 100 countries, with different themes, He reported that Internet Day was celebrated.

Explaining that the internet, like every technological convenience, has become a tool for the benefit of humanity and the development of countries when used for the right purposes, Sayan said, “We know that the age of internet usage in the world has decreased to 7. "Children between the ages of 9-16 are the group that spends the most time online." he spoke.

  • "2 thousand 500 people will be admitted to PTT this year"

Upon the question of press members about how many employees will be recruited to PTT AŞ in 2017, he said that 2 thousand 500 personnel will be recruited to PTT AŞ. Arslan said, “We are starting the recruitment process of 500 people in Istanbul, especially office, box office and distribution officers, next week. During the year, we will complete this staff to 2. We will increase our staff so that PTT can grow even stronger. " he spoke.

Arslan, PTT also the question of the situation of contract workers in aş. of all subcontractors in Turkey, voicing disclose information on employment in the public sector, "the study as we bring the government to the final stage. Our Ministry of Finance is working on the final details. After these details are over, we will explain this and do what is necessary. " found the assessment.

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