Minister Arslan Attends Transport Workshop in Kahramanmaras

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the work done was reported that Turkey needed to place the center of world trade by integrating with each other.

Arslan, in his speech at the Transportation Workshop held in Kahramanmaraş, expressed his gratitude to everyone who put stone after stone for the development of the country, and said that the nation knows what serves him well.

That Turkey is an important bridge between Asia and Europe, pointing Arslan, he said:

“We have the opportunity to reach 3 billion people within only 4-1,5 hours flight distance. The Gross National Product generated by them is 3,5 trillion dollars. The trade that consists of this is 7,5 trillion dollars. In order to get our share from this trade in terms of transportation, you need to build divided roads, bridge intersections, airlines and high-speed trains. If you don't, you can't do anything other than just speak the numbers. That's why we have to work harder. developing corridors, we do the work we need Turkey to integrate with each other into the center of world trade. "

Arslan goes to Kahramanmaraş for transportation to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. kazanHe pointed out the importance of the newly launched logistics center.

Expressing that they want to provide faster access to Kahramanmaraş to other provinces, Arslan said that while doing these, studies should be carried out in the city to integrate the transportation master plan of Kahramanmaraş with other studies.

Arslan, a terminal that can serve 2 million people a year, is located in the city. kazanStating that it will be possible to travel, he said, "While it is expected to end about a year ago, we hope to make it possible to travel in the new terminal before the summer season starts." he said.

  • "The second phase has started in the workshops"

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Party Sözcüsu Mahir Ünal stated that the workshops were important in terms of determining the action plans and pointed out that the second phase of the workshops has been changed.

Unal emphasized that through the workshops both the evaluations made to date and the possibility of discussing the 5 will be held in the coming years, Ünal emphasized that the works were formed with the ideas of the managers and other constituents of all opinion leaders of the city.

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