Adiyamanda trains hit the train car electric

The young man who climbed into the train car in Adıyamanda was electrocuted: In the car of the freight train he took to take pictures in Adıyaman, the young man who suffered an electric current of 25 thousand volts was seriously injured.

In the town of Gölbaşı yesterday afternoon, the town's railway station, who want to take pictures at the 16-year-old Seyit Cuma Sahin, climbed on top of a parked freight train, then took the electric current due to the high-voltage line passing over the wagon while photographing the environment.

It was learned that the young people who were taken to Gölbaşı State Hospital were seriously wounded by the ambulances. Young people were found to be in danger of life and then referred to Adiyaman Training and Research Hospital.

Two female students who wanted to make a selfie on the wagon in Dörtyol district of Hatay were wounded by electric current when they contacted the high voltage line.



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