Halkalı-The latest situation in the suburban train line

HalkalıLatest situation in the suburban train line: closed for the integration of Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line HalkalıThe current situation of the suburban train line between. In his statement, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan stated that the Asian and European side of the line is accelerating and lam 2018 is finally accomplished Ulaştırma.

Istanbul with High Speed ​​Train Halkalıto travel from Ankara to Ankara Halkalı- The works in the suburban train line between Sirkeci were viewed from the air. High-speed train service between Istanbul and Ankara Halkalı The work for the Sirkeci commuter train line continues. The route of the road will continue after Marmaray is clearly shown. The last point reached in the works on the railway track appeared in the images taken from the air. Some citizens were looking forward to the end of the project, while others expressed that the project was too late.

”2018 is finally completing this job“

Emphasizing that the high-speed train line between Istanbul and Ankara is in service to Pendik, Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, Pend From Pendik to Ayrılıkçeşme, Halkalıon both sides of the part of the construction work has accelerated. 2018 is finally completing this job. HalkalıWe will also tender the YHT, which goes from Kapıkule to Europe, within this year ”.

”My way to shorten about 2 hours“

Yakup Adıgüzel stated that he used Marmaray every day, MarmarHalkalıI live in, I come to Marmaray by bus. I always go to the Anatolian side to travel, but my school Halkalı because it is also a problem. I live in Eskişehir, high speed train halkalıwhat if i come directly halkalıI will get on and go to Eskişehir. To go to Eskişehir, I go to the bus station for those who are blowing, there is a lot of traffic, we have a lot of difficulty. "My way will be shortened by 2 hours with the high-speed train."

Geliy After a while I get bored with the continuous transfer “

Ceyda Uçan, who stated that she came to Marmaray for a long time by making the transfer, said AktarHalkalıI look forward to extending it to 'cause my school Halkalı In the county. After a while I get bored with continuous transfer, it becomes very tiring. HalkalıI was surprised when I heard that it would be extended, I thought what I would like more. It will be very close to my house too great benefit Ev he said.
”This construction lasted so far from Bakırköy“

Sirkeci-Halkalı and the suburban lines between Sogutlucesme and Gebze were closed for integration into the Istanbul high-speed train project. With the integration of Marmaray, the train from Ankara to Istanbul Pendik with the construction of Marmaray Halkalıor is intended to be extended.

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