Pedal Revolution in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Pedal revolution in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to increase the 39-kilometer bike path in the city to 2017 kilometers at the end of 90; Sahilevleri created new cycle paths in Sarnıç, Harmandalı-Ulukent and 2. Kordon. Bicycle Master Plan, which first started working for the city's new goal in Izmir, Turkey, the European Bicycle Tourism Network "EUROVELO" or to enter.

Bike routes and rental bike system provided by the Metropolitan Municipality BİSİM is becoming more and more popular in Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken important steps in the goal of or bicycle city sağlıklı, is working at an intense pace in order to make the bicycle more popular by means of new projects. BİSİM brings a new breath to the city life with BİSİM, and on the other hand it creates new routes for the expansion of bicycle lanes.

In line with this goal, 7 is a double-sided between Harmandalı Bridge Interchange and Ulukent İZBAN Station. bicycle path was created. Also, within the scope of the first stage of coastal arrangement works in the coastal areas of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2.1 brought the bike road to the city. The 1479 kilometer of the 600 kilometer cycle route between Bostanlı İskele and Alaybey Shipyard was completed.

Within the scope of aç İzmirDeniz lar project, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has renewed its bicycle paths by re-arranging the city's coastline with a new perspective. In Göztepe, the cycling route that goes over the concrete floor was reorganized by walking. Within the scope of the Foça coastline arrangement, the 1.3 kilometer bike path arrangement was made on the coast from the entrance of Yeni Foça; It is reported that the 800 meter bike path will be built. 500 meters were built in Eski Foça Coastline and 6.6 kilometers long cycling routes were established in Çeşme Çiftlikköy. In addition to the existing road in the coastal line between Üçkuyular and Sasalı, the new bike path of the 10.9 kilometer in the city was formed.

New itineraries in 2017

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which works to expand bicycle paths in the city and provide bicycle access to district centers by shore, will implement three more bicycle route routes in 2017 in this sense. Karşıyaka 1.6 kilometer between Yunuslar and Nergis İZBAN station and 7 kilometer kilometer which will connect between Adnan Kahveci Bridge Intersection and Aşık Veysel Recreation Area will be opened soon. Besides this, Güzelbahçe 75. 6.5 km between Yıl Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Narlıdere Dilek Street, 3.5 km between Narlıdere Dilek Street and İZSU treatment plant, 3.9 km on Urla Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Street and 2.5 km on Urla Ahmet Besim Uysal Street.

Bornova 2020 for the European FLOW project with the theme OW Going to School ova within the scope of Horizon 4. Between the Industrial Site-Ege University Interchange, the 3 kilometer road will be opened. With the realization of these projects, the existing bicycle routes will reach the 90 mileage.

Next 24.5 km. there is more

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is also 3.2 km in Çeşme Dalyan, 2.6 km in Çeşme Çiftlikköy, 2.7 km between Menemen Seyrek and Koyundere Junction, 2.5 km between Ege University Interchange and Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, 9 km in Bergama, Alsancak Harbor Karşıyaka The new bike route of 4.5 kilometers, including 24.5 kilometers, is also being designed in interrupted areas between the coasts.

The goal of ”Europe Bisiklet on the bike

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has attracted attention with its effective efforts to expand bicycle use and make it a part of urban transportation outside of its use for hobby and sports purposes, has set its new target as entering the European Bicycle Tourism Network kullanım EUROVELO Bisiklet.

Here is the difference in Izmir!

The works of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in this field are summarized as follows:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists for the development of transport infrastructure for the first time in Turkey İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Presidency of Transportation Planning Branch within "Bike and Pedestrian Access Office" was established.
  • Working for the first time in Izmir, Izmir Bicycle Master Plan was launched in Turkey.
  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which offers the opportunity to ride bikes on Metro and İZBAN trains, first used the 60 bus in order to extend the use of bicycles and make it a part of urban transportation.
  • BİSİM, the bike rental system of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which attracted great interest, enriched the bicycle culture in the city. While getting to know each age cut bike, the number of users increased and awareness was raised for environmental transportation.
  • Work has been carried out to participate in the ün EUROVELO ya European Bicycle Tourism Network, which will contribute to the development of cycling tourism routes and alternative tourism sector in İzmir. New tourism routes were planned. The EuroVelo 11, which ends in Athens, is planned to be connected to the Efes-Mimas Route, which serves as a historical, cultural and natural tourism destination on the north-west axis as an extension of the Eastern European route.
  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality participated in the yarış EUROPEAN CYCLING CHALLENGE 2016 esi competition where the cities where cycling is common. The competition was first held in Izmir in Turkey, İzmirliler turning the pedals in a month more than a thousand kilometers 72, 52 17 among European city. finished the competition. will join other cities of Izmir in Turkey 2017 in this contest and campaign infrastructure work continues to take place in a more powerful way.
  • Kazandır Come to the road ”and“ Bi Punta ıl bicycle workshops were held in order to gain new bicycle routes to the city.
  • FLOW Project organized under the Horizon 2020 Investment and Incentive Programs of the European Union in order to provide information exchange on the international platform for integration of bicycle transportation to other types of transportation, to be organized as a safe transportation alternative in appropriate standards, to prevent urban traffic congestion and to obtain information and experience in developed countries was included.
    1. . Bicycle and Pedestrian City ın, which was established for the first time within the scope of İzmir International Fair, won the admiration of bicycle enthusiasts. 2-6 aged 6 3 people from the bicycle and pedestrianized city, where bicycle training was given to the children and adults over the age of 295.
  • only from Turkey Izmir Metropolitan Municipality attended "European Mobility Week" was held within the scope of carfree cities Day. Pleven Boulevard was closed to motor vehicle traffic for a day.
  • BISIM increased its service capacity with 32 stall, 500 bicycle and 625 parking lot.

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