Trabzon Administrative Court Stops Teleferic Project

Trabzon Administrative Court Stopped the Teleferic Project: Trabzon Administrative Court, which evaluated the 10 objection to the ropeway project of Çaykara Municipality, stopped execution.

Turkey's most popular one of the tourist attractions and Trabzon, which is one of the most important sources of income in tourism planned construction Uzungöl'de two ski lifts one of the projects that Çaykara Municipality cable car project to Trabzon Administrative Court had given a stay of execution decision by. 10 around the objection to the court that rejected some objections, while some of them wanted to re-discovery by finding the right. Mayor Hanefi Tok, Çaykara said, sonuç As soon as the court concludes, we will go to the project tender. We plan to start the ropeway project in 2017. X

Uzungöl Fettahoğlu Hotel owned by the Tourismer Şükrü Fettahoğlu Haldizen Deresi and Sarıkaya Hill between the HN-NXX length of the cable car project prepared by the Directorate of Environment and Urban Development, by the Municipality of Çaykara from the center of Uzungöl Karaster Hill planned to 3540 thousand 2 meters long the second ropeway project was put on trial this time.

Mayor of Çaykara Hanefi Tok, as a result of the long-lasting approval of the ministry, but this time, the Administrative Court of Trabzon decided to stop the execution, said: uzun We are currently waiting for zoning. We will accelerate the ropeway project after the reconstruction is confirmed. Trabzon Administrative Court decided to re-discovery of existing zoning. According to the new changing plan note there will be discovery and a decision will be made. We've passed the board phase. There was no trouble. Parcel owners 18. they objected to the application of matter. 5-10 had objected to the person. Some of the court refused. The court will appoint an expert witness and prepare a report again. It will be decided according to him. Ona

President Tok, the ministry has approved the ropeway project, stating that, ele Our project is approved by the ministry. Court will stop the decision to stop the execution then we will continue. Then we'il get the ropeway up. We can't issue a license now. We are not allowed to license other than the issued licenses. First of all, we will make the tender for the implementation of the project. We plan to build as build-operate-transfer. But as I said, if we can find resources we can do as a municipality. God willing, as the municipality is planning to start the cable car in 2017, İn he said.

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