People living in trains

There is such a settlement in Calcutta, India that one cannot easily grasp the situation. The photographer Debosmita Das, who signed the series ti Life and Lines Kalk, realized this settlement years ago.

The neighborhood is an active railway, where trains run at intervals of ten to twenty minutes.

Families who live here can cook their food next to the rails.

Although there are no official data, no one has ever been killed in a train crash, but several people are said to be injured and returned from the dead.

A similar situation is taking place in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Here the train runs through the middle of the street.

The people who live here train the trains again after the train, they continue their lives here.

2 of deaths occurred in Vietnam in a year consists of railway accidents.

There are no 5000 illegal railroads in Vietnam where no safety precaution is taken.

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