Railway agreement signed between Malaysia and China

Railway agreement signed between Malaysia and China: 14 agreements were signed between the two countries within the framework of the visit of Malaysian Prime Minister Necip Rezak to China.
Necip was greeted by the Chinese Prime Minister Li Kıçiang with an official ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
Following bilateral and delegation negotiations, 5 agreements were signed between China and Malaysia, 9 in the field of economy and 14 among intergovernments.
Agreements include cooperation in the areas of infrastructure, security, defense, education, tourism, agriculture, economy, commercial development and customs.
The agreement signed by the parties in the defense field foresees the joint development of navy ships.
The parties also signed an agreement on trade, investment and capacity building between China's Guangashi Cuang Autonomous Region and Malaysia's East Coast Economic Area.
In the statement following the signing ceremony, it was noted that the relations between the two countries will be extended to the level of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation.
Malaysia will continue to support China's Single Belt Single Road project, the two countries will cooperate with Malaysia's East Coast Railway Line project to build an oil and gas pipeline in Malaysia's Sabah region.
Necip will be accepted by Chinese President Shi Cinping on November 3.
The Malaysian press reported that the railway project signed between China and Malaysia was worth 55 billion and that the project included technology transfer. The first stage of the mentioned railway is expected to be completed at the port of Klang in Malaysia, in the Dungun region in the province of Terengganu, and the second phase in the Dungun and Tumpat regions, to be completed in 2022.

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