Gaziantep Traffic Problem Metro and Metrobus Solver

Gaziantep Traffic Problem Metro and Metrobus Decode: Gaziantep Academic Association of Professional Chambers on the problem of traffic in the city of the metro and the existing tram line as the use of metrobus can be announced with the line.

In the meeting of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers regarding the solution of the traffic problem of Gaziantep, Gürcan Ülgey made a statement on behalf of the NGO representatives and said that Gaziantep's traffic problem can only be solved by underground underground, and the construction of the metro should be started immediately. After the subway construction in Gaziantep, the tram line will be more efficient to use as metrobus Ülgey said, tram The correction of the existing tram line may be a partial solution. However, using this route as a metrobus route will increase the current passenger capacity and provide a more convenient and comfortable transportation system. Of course, when there is such a shortage of traffic, the problem is solved with immediate and partial solutions. Smart intersections, arrangements in signaling and finally left turn bans. Problems cannot be solved in this way. All of these applications provide scientific benefits, certainly benefit, but it does not treat and can not solve the problem, he said.

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