Municipalities Meet at the 2 Smart Cities Conference

Municipalities xnumx.akıll Cities Meets the conference: to contribute to public policy in urbanism, making smart cities related pilot investment activities in Turkey, information and reports generating nonprofit Public Technology Platform (KTP) by the second time this year will be held the International Smart Cities Conference ', 2 will be held on March 1 in Congresium Ankara. With the participation of public institutions, local governments and private sector representatives, the theme of ile Time for Innovation and Change for Cities “will be discussed and the future life and cities of the event will be put on the table. This year's guest country is Qatar. Kurulan LUSAIL CITY ri, the world's first smart city founded in the world, will be an inspiration to local governments with its experience and processes.

The International Smart Cities Conference, to be held by the Public Technology Platform this year, will host the national and international 60 speakers from the private sector and the public. The theme of Zaman Time for Innovation and Change for Cities dan will be held with the concept of dan Smart City 360 ° ecek and the smart cities will be put to the table from city planning to energy, from agriculture to health, from transportation to social innovation. This year, the guest country will be Qatar in the event where participants from the municipalities, ministries, governorships and development agencies will be hosted on 1000. 15 to Doha, the capital of Qatar. alın LUSAIL CITY alın is the world's first smart city to be built from scratch. Here are some of the striking titles of the exemplary project in Qatar, which will host the world cup in 2022:

-Lusail City infrastructure work is done before. Constructions start from now on. Excavation in the city is forbidden, there are special tunnels for infrastructure repair and maintenance works. The electricity, water, gas and fiber internet are spreading all over the city from here.

-All standards for the city are specific and every company has to comply with them when doing construction. Great importance is attached to sustainability, environmental protection and energy saving.

- High buildings do not exceed 60 meters, but if the building builds a system that will generate its own electricity from the sun, then 2 is allowed to build more floors.

- The city's traffic, security applications and emergency situations are managed from an operation center dominating the entire city.


According to a survey by the United Nations did that currently live in the city of nearly half the world's population, when 2050 years to the point the world's population Noting that are projected to live in cities 70 percent Public Technology Platform Chairman Erdem Akçıl, "Turkey's population, according to information provided by the World Bank's share approximately 72 live in urban areas. In 2030 this rate is expected to exceed 80. This large city population growth, which is waiting for our country, shows that limited resources are required to be used already. The first way to do this is to transform into smart cities. Each of our cities needs to prepare for this and complete it until 2023. The ına Smart City Strategy and Action Plan mek to be published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in 2017 will be a very important guide.


The new understanding of urbanism is the most important tool to reach a just and safe society based on social welfare. Ensuring the needs of its citizens, making life easier, time in traffic kazanIt is one of the smart city principles that the health system is integrated with the municipality and the health system is integrated with the municipality. It will bring efficiency and savings to strengthen our national economy. At the same time, establishing a balance between environmental protection and awareness while bringing economic growth and investment is among the most important outputs of this concept. We wish all interested parties to come together on the occasion of this conference, that our public institutions will present a different perspective, that their work will accelerate. kazanI hope he will…” he said.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in the International Conference of Smart Cities, where more than 60 will be held, where more than one native and foreign 25 speakers will take place, are as follows. The Future of Cities, Adaptation to Smart Cities: 360, Social Innovation for Cities, Renewable Energy in Smart Cities, Energy Management and Energy Monitoring, Intelligent Data for Smart Cities, Climate Change and Green Cities, New Approaches to Traffic Management, Internet of Things Solutions, Internet of Things in Intelligent Agriculture, Transformation into Intelligent Buildings, Intelligent Life Technologies Banking, Retail and Intelligent Life Technologies.

Detailed information and registration procedures for the conference I can be done from.

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