Great Race for Istanbul Traffic

Great Race for Istanbul Traffic: Software developers, designers and city planners come together to develop innovative ideas and practices that will bring solutions to Istanbul's transportation problem. Software developers who will join the Hackathonist 2014 will compete in an 36 hourly application development marathon to make Istanbul the lı Smart City kullanarak using real-time traffic data.
'Smart Istanbul' target
In Istanbul, to develop new solutions and ideas for the problems related to the city, especially 'transportation'; software developers, designers and city planners come together at 'HACKATHONIST 2014'. Istanbul Smart City Hackathon 'HACKATHONIST 2014' organized by TAGES as part of the European Union-supported CitySDK Project will take place on May 8-11, 2014 in Studio-X Istanbul. Application developers participating in HACKATHONIST 2014; Istanbul Transportation data will compete to develop innovative applications with CitySDK APIs, ImonaCloud Platform, sensor data and Windows 8 application development tools provided by Microsoft. This software marathon for 'Smart City' applications will take 36 hours. Throughout the competition, application developers will be able to access instant traffic data along with public transportation data to be provided by IMM, the partner of the CitySDK Project.
Hackathons stand out as strong events in the world for evaluating 'open data and making software development easier and rapidly turning to work'. HACKATHONIST 2014 therefore also in Turkey, an important tool in particular to promote the IT industry rapidly. With the innovative applications developed within the scope of this competition, it is aimed to contribute to the resolution of Istanbul transportation problems. New applications will bring Istanbul one step closer to being the 'Smart City'.
IT and Enterprise Deniers choose 'Most Innovative Practices'
Among the jury members are HACKATHONIST 2014's TAGES, Studio-X Istanbul, MEG, Apps4Europe, Waag Society, Başakşehir Innovation and Technology Center, ImonaCloud and Microsoft's 7 awards in separate categories. The most important award is the 3000 TL CitySDK API for the Most Innovative Application Award. HACKATHONIST 2014, the Internet access sponsorship sponsored by TurkNet, provides developers with the opportunity to talk to Startupbootcamp Istanbul's investment mentors who want to convert the applications they developed within the competition to work.



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