Zonguldak-Karabük Train on the ferry of fish


Zonguldak - Filyos os The intensity of the train services in Karabük turns into a grudge. Especially in the morning Filyos-Zonguldak flights to the fish trip to the citizens of the fish, the journey to the heels of the Halkinsesi newspaper, whatsapp line.

Citizens, TCDD'ye many times, although they could not find a solution to react. Citizens stating that two wagons are insufficient demanded that an additional wagon be placed at least in the morning and evening flights in order not to travel dangerously.

The issue has come before the agenda, TCDD officials have been told many times in the morning, especially in the morning 09.25 hours Filyos - Zonguldak two-wagon service was caused by the services.

Source : www.halkinsesi.com.t is

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