Apaydın was the Guest of the Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation

Apaydin, was the guest of the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Businessmen: Entrepreneur Businessmen Foundation (Given) that performs regularly since 2010 years' Entrepreneur Meetings November 2016 guests, TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın It was.

General Manager of TCDD who gave a speech on X The Contributions of Railway Investments to the Country Economy and 2023 Vision bir İsa ApaydınIn addition to the high-speed train projects, he said that they are working on freight transport. Apaydin, Halkalı-Edirne, Karaman-Adana Ulukisla, Samsun, Corum, North-South lines and Sivas to Kars after the portion of the cargo and passenger transport will be done together, he said.


Referring to Turkey in rail freight in the past due to its inability to compete with highways road geometry Apaydin, "Our Surat in our freight transport was used as a level 40-50 kilometers per hour. The reason for this was the lack of infrastructure. When we improve our infrastructure, when we correct our road geometry, we come to the level to compete with the road. Iyileştir

Gebze- as a complement to MarmarayHalkalı Apaydın stated that the works on the line were also going on quickly and he explained the business opportunities in the railway field to the entrepreneur businessmen who attended the meeting. . Railways are a good field for electrical, computer and electronics engineers to design and build electrification and signaling,. Apaydin said. Uninterrupted communication on the railway is also very important here. a large number of vehicles are planned in the coming period. especially machinery, metallurgical material, component manufacturer businesses in this area can produce many parts as domestic. özellikle

General Director of TCDD, who said that TCDD is working with its affiliated subsidiaries to develop the railway sector with national resources. İsa Apaydın2023 3 500 8 500 13, XNUMX XNUMX mile speed train and a thousand kilometers of conventional rail, including a thousand kilometers will make additional rail a thousand kilometers, he added.


In There are many big institutions in our country and TCDD is one of them, sektör said Mehmet Koç, the President of the Foundation, who emphasized that entrepreneurs should follow the institutions that affect sectors like TCDD very well and read the big picture well.

Following the speeches, TCDD General Manager received the plaque presented by the President of the Foundation, Mehmet Koç. İsa ApaydınWith Mehmet Koç, gave the certificates to GİV Academy 's recent entrepreneurial graduates.

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