17. International Oludeniz Air Games Festival Has Started

  1. International Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival Has Begun: The International Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival, which was held this year in the Fethiye district of Muğla this year, started with the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the festival, which is organized with the support of Fethiye Tourism Promotion Culture Environment and Education Foundation (FETAV), Turkish Aeronautical Association, Fethiye Babadağ Power Association and Fethiye Hoteliers Association (FETOB), led by Fethiye Municipality, will be held in Babadağ at the altitude of 15. Created on the 1965 track.

The festival included 23 paratroopers from the 390 country, as well as the best acrobatics pilots in the world. Paratroopers participated in the festival, the flight after the completion of the flight took place at the thousand 700 runway. The visual show created by the paratroopers in the sky was watched by the participants of the ceremony.

Fethiye Municipality Speaking at the ceremony which began with the concert Band Muğla Governor Amir Çiçek, who flew in Babadag Turkey and in the world, said that greets anyone who wants to fly. Stating that the 17th edition of the festival became traditional, Çiçek said, “Babadağ is a mountain that instills love, courage, trust, unity and love with its beauty. When I come here, I see that the sad, joyous and courageous who leaves the sadness leaves with encouragement. The festival has now become a traditional and indispensable event. The traditionalization of this was possible with the participation of many athletes from different countries. Festival, Fethiye and not for our province, I believe that beauty to many generations move to Turkey, "he said.

Expressing that Babadag is getting better and better every year, Governor Cicek said that with the completion of the cable car project, transportation to Babadag will be faster and safer. Governor Çiçek; “I want everybody to come here to know that the cable car problem has now been resolved. It will be tendered these days. Hopefully we will be able to go here by cable car in the next year or at the end. When we say cable car, don't just think of it as a stroke. There are also details inside the cable car project. Everyone who takes his child, mother and friend with the cable car will come here not only to fly, but also to watch the cruise. ”

Fethiye Governor Ekrem Çalık, who started his speech by commemorating the martyrs we fight against, said, “The fight will continue until our country ends terrorism. Here, I send greetings and respect to our soldiers, who are fighting in Şemdinli, Hakkari Yüksekova, and to our police. As the Turkish nation, we are behind them. Economic activities are also necessary for our state and nation to survive. Therefore, these sportive activities and tourism activities will continue. Because it adds economic power to our country. Once upon a time in need of 70 cents, now our country has income from over 30 billion dollars of tourism. We perceive this as a national duty. ”

Expressing that Babadağ and Ölüdeniz have an unmatched beauty in the world, District Governor Çalık said: “Everyone has serious labor in Babadağ. This place will develop further. The landing path will be made separately, will be taken further with new runways at 900, 500, 300 altitudes and further diversification. The cable car project is also at the tender stage. Both of our county very seriously our both our values ​​Mugla, Turkey's tourism here began to shine, will continue to shine. While our country is fighting terrorism on one side, it welcomes guests from Europe and many countries of the world. ”

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatcı said that all NGOs in Fethiye support the festival. Expressing that they want the paragliding to be adopted by the people living in the region, Mayor Saatcı said: “Several of our children from Ölüdeniz perform acrobatics here. The important thing is to adopt the paragliding sport performed in this geography by the people living in this geography and to raise our athlete children. Our athletes came from 23 countries. This is a very important event for Turkey. The arrival of athletes from 23 different countries to our country, which has gone through a troubled process, is both an advertisement, a security indicator and an honor for us. ”

  1. Indicating that they want to remove the Air Games Festival from one region and spread it to the entire district, Saatcı said, “This year, an organization will be held in Göcek, Çalış, with the support of the Turkish Air Agency Presidency in the city center. We make a great effort to leave the region of the 17th Air Games Festival to be the organization of the whole district and even our city. I believe that in 2018, this organization will be much different, much more beautiful. If the traitors had not rebelled on July 15, now the Turkish Air Force's SOLO demonstration group would have been flying overhead. But we had an incident returning from the pole. May Allah not keep him alive again. ”

Kürşat Atılgan, the President of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, who participated in the festival, said: “Air sports is a sport in which very large masses participate in the world. One of the most important things in aviation is to do air sports safely. As the Turkish Aeronautical Association, our greatest function here is to do whatever contribution we can ensure that this sport, which has a commercial dimension, can be done safely while doing here. Apart from that, we do not have very great goals and objectives. ”

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