Tarsus Signature Campaign

Tarsus Divided Signature Campaign: Tarsus district of Mersin State Railways in the high-speed train project with the train line continues to be divided into two cities.
Reactions continue to the fact that the train line will divide the city into two with the high-speed train project of the State Railways in the Tarsus district of Mersin. The City Council launched a petition to prevent the city from being divided into two.
The City Council made a press release in front of Tarsus Train Station and launched a signature campaign, "Let Tarsus Not Divide In Two".
Tarsus City Council President Ufuk Başer stated that with the realization of the high-speed train project, there will be some problems in Tarsus.
Stating that with the level crossings and overpasses to be closed, it will be difficult for pedestrians to pass from one side of the city to the other, and the business volume of some tradesmen will shrink further, and the city will be divided into two as south and north. Başer said, “The railway passes through the middle of our district, where 350 people live, divides our city into north and south, and the passages in the north-south direction of the city are provided as vehicle and pedestrian crossings through 6 level crossings in the city center. The infrastructure tender was made by the General Directorate of State Railways in order to make high-speed train crossings between Mersin and Adana, and it is planned to close the level crossings opposite the State Hospital Emergency Department as a result of this tender, and to make an underpass or overpass in other crossings. The width of the city center is around 40 meters and about 10 km. "A band of length will be formed, the use of this part above ground will become impossible. This project, which divides the city into two in the middle, will make the lives of our people difficult, like a border line that lived in iron curtain countries in the past, instead of serving our people."
Underlining that the project will affect the city negatively, Başer said, “We, as Tarsus City Council, are launching a signature campaign in order to revise the high-speed train project and take the part of the city center underground in order to prevent all these negativities. We call on the people of Tarsus to support this campaign. We will try to translate the opinions of the people of Tarsus by conveying the collected signatures to the Presidency, the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and the General Directorate of TCDD ”.
Following the press release, a signature campaign was launched at the stand.

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