70 km metro network for new airport transportation

📩 09/12/2018 17:46

70 km metro network to the new airport transportation: It is planned to build a 70 km integrated metro on the route of Istanbul's New Airport.

Metro and high-speed trainings are started for the New Airport of Istanbul. The tender for the rail system, the study of which started in 2015 and the feasibility of which has been completed, will be held in the next few months. New line, Gayrettepe and Halkalıwill provide fast access to the airport.


The New Airport, which has been implemented as one of the most favorite projects in the world in Istanbul, aims to provide easy transportation within the city. A tender will be made within a few months for the construction of the line. A total of 70 kilometers of metro will be built on the routes. It is stated that the new subway will be integrated with existing metro networks, Marmaray and metrobus. The New Airport train station will be designed to allow the use of a new high-speed train line in the future, passing through the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is under construction. According to preliminary studies, the New Airport rail system, Gayrettepe metro and Halkalı train line will be connected to the railway line. Halkalı It will be designed in a feature that will allow it to reach its station and that it can use the “high speed train with the airport express train”.


A special study will be carried out for trains to be used in the project. The cabin appearance of the special vehicles, which can travel at a speed of 120, will give a high-speed train silhouette and will be in aerodynamic appearance. 5 alternative design that fits this definition will be developed. Special space for disabled people in the vehicle interior design. In addition, arrangements will be made to ensure practical use of luggage passengers. Purchases for the wagons of subway lines will start this year.


Kayaşehir, which was implemented as one of the biggest housing project moves in Istanbul, also gets the metro. The metro line, which was decided to be built to solve the transportation problem of the region where Europe's largest health center was built, is being started. The metro line coming from Yenikapı to Başakşehir will be extended to Kayaşehir. Kayaşehir metro line, which will be a continuation of Başakşehir metro line, which was put into service in 2013, consists of 4 stations. Thanks to the new line with a length of 6.5 kilometers, Başakşehir will be reached in 10 minutes. In addition, thanks to the integration with the Ataköy / İkitelli metro, access will be provided by the Bakırköy coast. The line, which provides easy access to the New Airport, will be integrated into the airport via Başakşehir Metrokent station.

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