New Term in Train Transportation

New Period in Train Transportation: 21 A new era will start in railway transportation from June. A sweet competition will begin in the railways that will be opened to the private sector. 7 The company's transportation business is specified to be demanding.

21 June 2016 will start a new era in railway transportation. With the liberalization of the railways to be opened to the private sector, it is aimed to switch to a more qualified and more efficient transportation system. Upon completion of the restructuring, as a railway infrastructure operator, TCDD will publish the network notification including the lines to be operated, the characteristics of these lines and the access fees of the train lines and if the private sector meets the requirements, the companies will be allocated the train line for a year.

In the winter season, the average 200 passenger travels by regional train with the South Express train stating that TCDD Batman Station Directorate officials: Güney In summer, the number of passengers goes to 400 a day. According to other means of transportation, the private sector is now inexpensive. Expeditions made by private companies on air travel will be valid for train travel. Hava On the other hand, it was learned that the 7 company, which is willing to train for one year, applied to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. In this context, the final bend in the freeway, 21 will be returned in June.

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