Issues raised by the TCDD administrative board meeting

The agenda of the TCDD's administrative board meeting: The first organization of the 2016 Year was held between the Transportation Memu-Sen and the General Directorate of TCDD.

  1. In order to increase the quality of the clothes given to the personnel and to take into consideration the seasonal conditions, and to ensure the participation in the inspection, control and acceptance commissions of the authorized union as observers in order to eliminate the differences in the quality of sewing, fabric quality and body compliance, what is the last status of the material to be discussed with the Material Department.

- When the clothing materials are auctioned by the institution, the delivery of the goods will be made in small parties by placing in the tender specifications and the purchase of the other parties will be abandoned unless the first party is in the desired quality. The specifications of clothing auctions will be prepared accordingly.

2.To provide service to the General Directorate personnel in accordance with the collective contract and also to provide service services for the establishments with a lack of service in the Regions,

(Starting the procurement process of Ankara Suburb will be closed)

- Correspondence was made about placing service in the Ülkü. Approval stage in the APK Department. Since the appropriation requested by the region is excessive by the APK (the region where the drivers demanded 30% of the minimum wage), the Opinion and approval of the APK Office is expected for the approval.

Our General Manager has instructed to work again to put the Service in the General Directorate and the 2nd Regional Directorate. This file is also waiting for approval for allowance in the APK.

  1. Transferring the staff from the health group to the title of officer.

- In the context of the restructuring, this demand has been met.

  1. Protection Security Officer service procurement by eliminating the security weakness. The appointment of the security personnel who exceed the age of 45 to civil servants upon request.

-Protection Security service procurement processes will be accelerated. As the missing is completed, the transition of security personnel to civil servants will be ensured.

  1. İzmir and Haydarpaşa Port personnel to be included in the electronic transmission system,

- It will be possible to transfer the personnel who are surplus employees who work in the schools.

  1. In the workplaces where the camera system is located, security personnel have installed the watch and this application is terminated.

-The proposal was not accepted with a view to create a security weakness.

  1. Granting the right of assigned housing to the Engineers working in the Directorates such as Wagon Maintenance and Repair, Warehouse, Loko Maintenance and Facilities,

- The decision was made to make the regulation.

  1. Tour Compensation for Road Maintenance Repair Managers, Road Maintenance Repair Supervisor, Line Maintenance Repair Officer, Road Crossing Control Officer, Surveillance and Road Branch Chiefs (Zonguldak administrative court has the decision) is also paid for the travel allowance in return for travel by train. payment of tour compensation for returning to the road and repairs and repairs as well.

- Since the directorate of the YBO is a title subject to rise in office, it is not seen by the Institution as a continuation of the YBO chiefs.

In order to make this payment, it was stated that the charter should be amended.

Courts opened against the subject are continuing.

However, the restructuring of the charter in the scope of the subject will be brought back to the agenda to be resolved.

  1. Providing work clothes in protective and suitable body for road personnel and other field and train personnel,

-Private health and safety department has prepared specifications for personal protective clothing and equipment. The budget required by the APK was allocated. Trying to grow to the end of the year. At the end of the process, staff will be given appropriate standard clothes

  1. Performing appointments in the positions of sub-chiefs at all levels such as Road Maintenance Repair Chief, Wagon Service Chief, Logistics Chief Warehouse Chief, and all assignments from the deputies in the directorates.

- As soon as the promotion regulation of the office enters into force, appointments will be made in person as a result of the examinations.

  1. Road Maintenance and Repair Chiefs work with the worker at the 07.00 in the morning to benefit from overtime pay,

-They will benefit from the overtime payment by sending necessary written orders to the workplaces under these conditions. The employees who have to do the work together with the employee 1 hours overtime work to write İ.K. The department will write an order in coordination with the Financial Affairs Office.

  1. Elimination of personnel shortage in the areas such as Motion Officer, Wagon Technician, Facility Surgeon, Logistics Officer, Road Surveyor,

-The number of titles to be completed will be determined and completed with the electronic transmission to be completed, the missing will be tried to be completed.

  1. Providing services to the Train Authorities in order to provide services to the Train Authorities in order to ensure that the Train Organization Officers do not perform tasks such as cleaning the toilets in the work places.

-In case of necessary services to be purchased will also be given to work wear. The Department of Traffic Directorate issued the necessary letter to the organization on 16.05.2016.

  1. Taking into account the newly established or closed workplaces of the TCDD Public Housing Directive and the revoked titles (together with the Authorized Union), conducting a change in legislation

- Works will be done in the context of reorganization.

  1. Traffic Inspection and Coordination, Gar, Loko Maintenance, Warehouse and Road Maintenance and Maintenance Directorates and Road Maintenance Repair Chiefs,

-We have responded to this demand and given to the specified workplaces.

  1. The train personnel in the train also benefit from the food provided to the train personnel,

-The staff in the contracted position who are in charge of the authorities will benefit from this right.

    1. Change of title as line maintenance repair officer of road and gate control officers working in regional directorate establishments,

- Many workplaces cannot be appointed because there is a lack of norm staff.

The recruitment process for post-mail workers continues. When the process is finished, road and gate control officers will be provided as line maintenance repair officers.

  1. Construction of a washing place for the train machines in Eskişehir Warehouse Directorate, (II. President)

-2016 year was included in the investment program to be built by the end of the year.

    1. Engineers, Technicians, Technicians who work in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the personnel working in the title have problems in paying the land compensation. Example: 1. It is not paid in the workplaces affiliated to the Regional and YHT Road Administration.

- Necessary correspondence 1. Regional Directorate of Road Service workplaces will be paid the land compensation.

  1. The scenarios in the Psychotechnical Directive should be facilitated and necessary work should be done to ensure the familiarity of the staff with these tests.

-Psychologists began their tours in the regions. The process will be followed by the branch heads in the regions that cannot be done and the problems will be notified to the General Directorate. The institution is working on these tests for the familiarity of the staff.

  1. If the red signal breach, the reverse device and the speed violation have not occurred in any event, 101. Not from 100. Necessary amendments are required in the Discipline Code to be processed.

- There is no consensus on the red signal violation and the exit from the reverse.

  1. Halkalı None of the 26 security cameras in the logistics department work. Tekirdag Gar Chief Office, Çerkezköy Garage chief, Edirne Gar Directorate, Kapikule Garage Directorate does not work Security cameras are available.

- The necessary instructions were given to the regions and also the authority and budget allowance was given to the regions. The process of completing these deficiencies of the regions will be followed.

  1. In the general order 207, the position of the head of the wagon technicians as the train chief is in the Garrage.

- It is unacceptable that the worker is the supervisor of the wagon technician when the mechanic is the train chief, and the solution to this issue is…

The meeting with the Cer Traffic and Personnel Offices continues.

  1. Provision of attendance of wagon technicians and mechanic to the center stage training.

-Cer mid-level course In response to our demand for the sending of the machinery and revisions, the Grain Circle, in particular, gave a positive opinion and declared that the necessary initiatives to participate in this course as soon as possible.

  1. The appointment of technicians who lost their health as technicians.

-The title of a doctor subject to rise in the position of duty. However, those holding the conditions may be technicians as a result of the rise in the task.

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