Indian Railways' investments increase steel demand

Indian Railways' investments will boost steel demand: Indian railways will have a significant contribution to the steel demand of more than 12 billion $ investment in the Indian railways and government-run rail network over the next three years, which will be renewed and extended to the railway. .

The company official said that Indian Railways intends to increase its new rail length to 8 km by the current level of 19 km over the next three years and thus increase the demand for local steelmakers.

Indian Railways also plans to replace existing freight wagons with high-quality stainless steel freight wagons, which will again contribute to increasing steel demand for local producers.

According to the official, Indian Railways' plan to renovate and expand the railway network will greatly affect the annual 1,2 million mt capacity rolling mill, where Indian steelmaker SAIL's Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) plant started its test production last month.

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