İzmir Foça Cruise Starts

Mordogan and Foca Expeditions
Mordogan and Foca Expeditions

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality starts mutual voyages to Foça every weekend with the beginning of summer. The ships of the Metropolitan will make a voyage to Mordoğan as soon as a line permit is received from the Ministry.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has accomplished important moves in sea transportation with its fleet equipped with state-of-the-art ships, continues its ferry services starting from Foça in the outer bay in the new season. Foça flights, which holidaymakers look forward to, are starting on Saturday, June 4th.

Foca Municipality on the berth of the new ships in accordance with the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality, who want to spend the weekend holiday in this beautiful district will organize two flights on Saturday and Sunday for the people of Izmir. expeditions Karşıyakafrom 08.00:16.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning Karşıyaka-Konak-Foça route. The departures from Foça will be realized at 10.30 and 18.30.

The costs of Foca flights were determined as 12 TL, student 8 TL and teacher 10 TL. İzmir people will use de İzmirim sefer card for Foça flights. The validators in the piers will get the en İzmirim bulunan card from the card.

Mordogan is next

Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to provide transportation to Mordoğan, Urla, Güzelbahçe and Karaburun by sea after Foca. In this context, the necessary arrangements have been completed for Mordoğan berthing place, and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is expected to be given a line permit. The project and tender works are continuing for the transportation to other districts by sea.

15 came from the ship 10

15 of the 10 vessels built in Yalova with the aim of improving the sea transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started to travel. The last two of the catamaran hull and made of 'carbon composite' material, which are stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, longer life, and low operating costs, will have higher speed capacity than others.

3 was launched from the new 2 car with the Metropolitan Municipality. After the ships called Hasan Tahsin and Ahmet Pristina, there is Kubilay.

Metropolitan Municipality, Foça and Mordoğan flights are also starting.

Saturday and Sunday at 08.25 in the morning KarşıyakaIzden ships will depart from Konak, take passengers from the pier before the Foca, then Mordogan will pass. Ships that will depart from Mordoğan at 18.40 for holidaymakers who will make a return will stop by Foca at 19.20. Vessels at Konak at 20.50 and at 21.05 Karşıyaka dock.

Izmir Seaway Map

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start next Saturday Udem Hak-Sen Sivas Provincial President Cahit Yurtsever Atandının charges of full 11 TL, teacher 9, students were determined as 7 TL. Those who want to make a pleasant sea voyage to Foça will pay 14 TL for the full ticket, 12 for the teacher and 10 for the student.

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